Carton Sealing Packaging Tape Heavy Duty Clear Shipping Packing Tape

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HEAVY-DUTY USE –  The thick adhesive make the tape with strong adhesive, providing excellent holding power to cardboard, shipping box, carton.  our packing tape you experience the feeling of PERFECTION,  EFFICIENCY, and EASY TAPING that promises maximum sealing and protection for your goods as well as an aesthetically pleasing result.

STRONG ADHESIVE – The Adhesive bond strengthens over time for a long-lasting hold on boxes, perfect for storage. It can handle 18 lbs/in (Tensile Strenght) and sustain temperatures from 32 F to 150 F. Offers wide temperature range performance for shipping and storage in hot or cold temperatures.

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STANDARD SIZE ROLLS -  Clear packing tape rolls perfectly fitting and suitable for standard gun tape dispensers.  

NO SPLITTING, TEARING & CLEAR: Release coating helps ensure tape unwinds smoothly in one piece, not in little strips, clear to the core, clear on boxes

MULTIPURPOSE CARTON SEALING PACKAGING TAPE – It is perfect for moving or shipping merchandise. Ideal for organizing your shipments from priority items to least important, and when moving to categorize delicate boxes. Also, for home removals, shipping and mailing, for storing and organizing household items, for anything that one expects from a household multipurpose tape. This moving and packing tape will always come in handy.


Item  Carton Sealing Clear Tape
Construction Bopp film backing and pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. 

High tensile strength, broad temperature tolerance, printable.

Length From 10m to 8000m

Normal: 50m, 66m, 100m, 100y, 300m, 500m, 1000y etc

Width From 4mm to 1280mm. 

Normal: 45mm, 48mm, 50mm, 72mm etc or as required

Thickness From 38mic to 90mic

Technical Data

Product Name

Adhesion To Peel(N/25mm)

Holding Power(Hrs)

Tensile Strength(N/cm)


BOPP Adhesive Tape






Easy to Open, Standard Core to Fit

Each roll has a quick start tag, helping you easily pull it.

Standard roll and core size, perfectly fitting and suitable for the tape dispensers.

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All-temperature box sealing

Provides a reliable, all-temperature box sealing performance from freezer cold to summer heat; excellent resistance to aging, weathering, UV light degradation and yellowing

Strong Adhesive, Safe Shipping:

Our packaging tape unwinds smoothly and easily; resists splitting and tearing, adheres instantly and has a strong film backing. Tough thick for superior strength and secure sealing during transportation.

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Use Any Time, Anywhere

Suitable for home, commercial or industrial use in any climate. This storage and shipping box tape can firmly stick onto any surface. Wrap, sealing, secure, and closed boxes and package at all times.

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Working principle

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1. What is box tape made of?

Box tape is typically made of a polypropylene (BOPP) film and is coated with a synthetic rubber or acrylic adhesive.

2. Can clear packing tape be used on different surfaces?

 Clear packing tape adheres well to a variety of surfaces including cardboard, paper, plastic, metal and more. However, it is recommended to test a small area first to ensure compatibility and to avoid any potential damage or residue on delicate surfaces.

3. Can the carton sealing tape be stored for a long time?

 Yes, carton sealing tape can be used for long-term storage. However, it is recommended to choose a tape with a high-quality adhesive to ensure the seal remains intact for a longer period of time. Additionally, proper packaging techniques and storing cartons in optimal conditions help maintain the integrity of the seal.

4. What is the use of transparent sealing tape?

 The primary use of clear packing tape is to securely seal boxes and packages, ensuring the contents are protected during shipping or storage. It also provides additional reinforcement to prevent the box from opening or collapsing.

5. Are there different types of box tape?

Yes, there are different types of box tape available in the market. This includes clear box tape, brown box tape, printed box tape, reinforced box tape, and more. Each type has its own specific characteristics and is suitable for different types of applications.

6. Can I use shipping tape for international shipping?

 Yes, shipping tape is available for domestic and international shipping. However, any specific shipping regulations and requirements for international shipments must be followed when selecting the appropriate tape.

7. What are the different types of carton sealing tape?

 There are many types of box sealing tape on the market, including acrylic tape, hot melt tape, and natural rubber tape. Each type has its own unique properties and bond strength, allowing users to choose the most suitable one for their specific needs.

8. Can the sealing tape be used in extreme temperatures?

 Some packing tapes can withstand extreme temperatures, but not all. If you anticipate exposing your packages to extreme heat or cold temperatures, it is advisable to look for packing tape specifically suited for use in these conditions.

Customer Reviews

 Great quality packing place!

This packing tape is well-made and of high-quality I recommend this product!

the extra strength is noticeable and valuable

I'm glad i took a chance and bought this. The regular strength tape was not holding up to my needs packing for moving. This is good, strong tape. I would buy it again.

 This is great packing tape

It’s worth paying a little extra per roll for these. The quality is great, the thickness is great, the strength is great and it tears cleanly and evenly on every dispenser I have. For an office that packs and ships numerous things a day, it’s such a simple pleasure to have good tape.

 Great Packing tape!

I love this packing tape. I use it for my reselling business. It adheres well & stays put. It is strong unlike others I’ve tried, and it’s a great value. Definitely my new go to for shipping supplies. Well worth the money.

 Nice thickness

This tape is thick and durable for shipping or packing boxes. This is not the cheap, flimsy dollar store tape that shreds easily (especially if it accidentally sticks to itself!); the quality is equivalent to the major name brands. The dispenser is durable and cuts cleanly.

Solid, Heavy Duty Tape

I used this tape to ship a package. The tape was thick, adhered well and the dispenser was functional and cut the tape well. It seems like there is a generous amount of tape on the roll.

Good quality tape.

I buy the packaging tape all the time for packing up packages. This feels exactly the same as name brand tape. It’s a similar thickness as well. It pulls from the roll eaily and cuts without ripping. It’s everything I want in packing tape.

 Good packing tape

This packing tape works well our tape gun. It sticks to carboard very well and rolls out with no problem. Thickness of the tape feels good as well. So far, no complaints.

Great savings, good tape!

This tape is great for taping shipping boxes! Adhesion is better than some I have used before.

because the cardboard inner sleeve is slightly larger than my "standard" dispenser and tape kept falling off so, I just used a folded paper to make my dispenser larger, fits tightly, works perfectly now.


I think I am set for a few years with how many rolls of tape there is. Its adhesive and works well. I use it to pack up packages as well as for little things around the home and it works well and holds it tightly. Its a good value for the money.

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