Durable PP and PET Strapping Bands for Effortless Machine and Hand Packaging

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We work at a certified facility and specialize in producing custom-made, high quality PP and PET strapping band rolls ideal for your packaging needs. Our packaging straps are available in both hand and machine formats to suit your preference

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Applicable for Hand or Machines:

We can make the custom order strapping band basic on you how to use and pack, suitable for use with semi/ automatic strap packing machines, manual strapping tools and powered strapping tools

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Available sizes

We can provide bespoke strapping bands that are tailored to your exact preferences in terms of width and length. Our straps are designed to meet your specific packaging needs, making them ideal for a range of applications in various sizes and shapes. This level of customization ensures that our strapping bands offer you an unparalleled level of convenience, as they can be adapted to meet your exact requirements. Whether you require strapping for cargo, pallets, or other items, our custom strapping bands are the perfect solution.

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Reliable Quality

We used the grade A plastic material to make our strapping band only, meet to the highest industry standards, not rust and saves money. The PP polyethylene strapping is sturdy enough to use and features consistently of uniform thickness, quality embossing and edge smoothness,It can nicely serve you.

Not Easy to Break, Best Stretch Ability

The PP polypropylene strapping roll boasts a tension resistance of over 500 lbs, making it ideal for varying levels of applications - be it light duty, medium, heavy duty, or even everyday use. With these strapping rolls, bundling, collating, and assembling your consignments becomes effortless. Meanwhile, PET Strapping Band with a break strength of 1400 lbs offers similar sturdiness as steel strapping, with the added advantage of being much safer during use.

Multifunction applications:

There are numerous applications for PP PET Strapping Band, such as grouping newspapers, pipes, lumber, concrete blocks, wooden boxes, crates, corrugated boxes, and other items that need to be securely bundled together. These strapping bands offer a reliable option for bundling any type of material.


Product Name Custom packing strapping roll PP/PET strapping band
Material polyethylene terephthalate , polyester
Average Break Strength 500 lbs ~ 1,400 lbs
Thickness 0.45 mm - 1.2mm
Width 5mm - 19mm
Tensile strength 300~600 kgs
High temperature resistance -45℃ to 90℃
Application Packing various products
Feature High tensile strength,waterproof,durable.


Crazy strong heavy duty strapping band roll

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