Carton Sealing Tape Clear Bopp Packaging Shipping Tape

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PREMIUM QUALITY: Our thick tape is very good in thickness and toughness, will not tear or split easily. Perfect long lasting bonding range in performance for shipping and storage in hot/cold temperatures.

BEST SUITABLE FOR ANY JOB TASK: Economic for home, commercial or industrial use. Any temperatures and environments will not change the tape’s quality. Prefect for multi-purpose use with inexpensive cost and finish your job easily.

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ULTRA-ADHESIVE – Extra-sturdy BOPP polyester backing with synthetic rubber resin adhesive is resistant to abrasion, moisture and scuffing for excellent holding power.

EASY TO USE: This transparent tape is suitable for all standard tape dispensers and tape guns. You also tear with your hand. Provides excellent holding power for normal, economy or heavy-duty packaging and shipping supplies.


Item  Carton Sealing Clear Tape
Construction Bopp film backing and pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. High tensile strength, broad temperature tolerance, printable.
Length From 10m to 8000mNormal: 50m, 66m, 100m, 100y, 300m, 500m, 1000y etc
Width From 4mm to 1280mm. Normal: 45mm, 48mm, 50mm, 72mm etc or as required
Thickness From 38mic to 90mic
Feature Low noisy tape, crystal clear, print brand logo etc.


Strong stickness

Thick heavy duty packaging tape provide strong stickness,It's thick and durable and will hold your boxes well

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Secure Hold:

No more tape tangles or wasted time. Our innovative design provides a firm grip, preventing slipping and unraveling.

Easy Dispensing:

Enjoy easy and seamless tape dispensing. Our noiseless dispenser provides a smooth, controlled pull for a hassle-free experience.

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Carton packing

Clear quiet tape is easy to pull off and sticks well,It never wrinkles or folds. It stays nice and flat on the surface

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Working principle

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1. How long can the stickiness of the sealing tape last?

 The adhesive strength of box sealing tape may vary by quality and brand. However, most packaging tapes are designed to provide a strong bond for an extended period of time, usually from a few months to a year or more.

2. Can box tape be used on various types of boxes?

Box tape can be used on most types of cardboard boxes, including single-wall and double-wall boxes. However, for boxes made of sensitive or delicate materials, it is recommended to test the tape on a small area before fully applying to ensure it won't cause any damage.

3. Is the carton sealing tape waterproof?

 Most carton sealing tapes are not completely waterproof. While they may have some moisture resistance, they are not suitable for submersion or exposure to heavy rain. For waterproof packaging, additional waterproofing measures such as plastic bags or shrink wrap should be used along with the tape.

4. Can clear packing tape be used for gift wrap?

 Yes, clear packing tape can be used for gift wrap. Its clear nature allows it to blend seamlessly with different wrapping papers, providing your gift with a secure, neat seal.

5. Can shipping tape be used in extreme temperatures?

 Most shipping tapes are designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, but extreme heat or cold can affect their adhesion. It is recommended to store and apply shipping tape within the recommended temperature range specified by the manufacturer to ensure optimum performance.

Customer Reviews

Nice and sticky

One thing I find frustrating with a lot of clear tapes like this is that they don't stick all that well. Not so with this one. I stuck it down and it stayed in place. I tried pulling it up and it wanted to tear the cardboard box. So I think it will hold up well on packages when I ship them.

Great packaging tape, Easy to pull and tear

I mostly use this tape to seal packaging boxes and bags. The “Sure Start” version of this tape makes it much easier to pull out the tape and tear, plus it sticks firmly. Additionally, it is available in a convenient, easy-to-use dispenser that allows for quick and easy application. Overall, this tape is high-quality and great for packaging. I have purchased this pack over 5 times and will definitely purchase again.

Clear packaging tape

A good product and good price too. Sturdy.

Thank you for the quick delivery. The tape is strong and can handle the shipping boxes I send out. This is a strong tape and I highly recommend it.sh

Good tape, easy to use

 Good packaging tape. It cuts well on the dispenser and it’s easy to use. It holds well so what I need it to. It is 100% transparent. I’m very happy with his purchase and will definitely recommend.

Nice packing tape

I used this packing tape to tape up a heavy package in a cardboard box and it worked better than I expected. It is strong but flexible, adheres well and cuts smoothly with ease. Just the right amount of weight, not too thick, not too thin. Would buy again.

Thick and strong

This tape adds a little more thickness than the average packing tape which makes a stronger hold without tearing. Strength and longer lasting hold is important to me. I like this tape and will buy again.

Things I love about this tape:

- It’s crystal clear. Instead of purchasing adhesive label paper, I can print my shipping labels on regular copy paper and just tape over them, which saves me money. The barcodes & postage info remain visible and I know the ink won’t smudge during transit if it rains.

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