Custom BOPP Packaging Parcel Tape Roll for Packing Box & Moving

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EXTREMELY DURABLE – Provides excellent holding power for packaging and shipping, easy to use shipping tape that will not split or rip during application. High edge tear and split resistance make it ideal for general industrial packaging applications and boxes weighing up to 80 pounds.

STANDARD CORE – The clear packing tape rolls have a standard 3 inch core which is a common size for most tape dispensers.

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EXCELLENT ADHESIVE - With strong BOPP acrylic adhesive, the sturdy tape sticks very well and holds boxes together. General purpose, lightweight, affordable and meets postal, courier, shipping regulations for shipping and packaging.

GET MORE PRODUCT FOR LESS - This packing clear tape offers you MORE TAPE PER ROLL at a FRACTION OF THE COST of similar products. Why spend tons of money when you can get a total of 440 yards in a package of 4 rolls. With each roll having a good 110 yards of extra adhesive tape, this heavy duty depot tape is a true value for money offer.

NO TOXIE SMELL - with healthy pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive, our no bubble transparent tape will no distribute any chemical order, giving you comfortable packing environment.


Item BOPP Packaging Tape Roll
Material Polypropylene BOPP film, coated with water based acrylic adhesive, solvent adhesive, hotmelt adhesive
Thickness From 28mic to100mic. Normal: 40mic, 45mic, 48mic, 50mic ect., or as required
Width From 4mm to 1280mm. Normal: 45mm, 48mm, 50mm, 72mm ect., or as required
Length From 10m to 8000m. Normal: 50m, 66m, 100m, 100y, 300m, 500m, 1000y ect., or as required
Type Noisy tape, low noisy tape, silent tape, super clear, print brand logo ect.
Color Clear, Transparent, Brown, Yellow or Custom
Printed Offer, can be printed 1-6 color mixed for logo
A few popular sizein global market 48mmx50m/66m/100m--Asia
45mm/48mmx40m/50m/150--South Amerian
48mmx90y/500y--Iran, Middle East
Special size,color can be made according to customer’s requirement.


High tensile strength

Our BOPP transparent boxes moving tape have a good tenile strength,so it will not easy to break during use

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Quick Loading:

Effortless tape loading. Slide the roll into place for quick setup. User-friendly design saves time and effort.

Easy Cutting:

Precise and clean cutting. Our built-in blade ensures effortless tape cutting. Slide the tape against the blade for a smooth and precise cut every time.

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Efficient Storage:

Reliable, sturdy, and noiseless. Keep belongings safe and organized with ease.

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Working principle

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1. What is the working principle of carton sealing tape?

 Carton Sealing Tape has a strong adhesive backing that adheres to the surface of the carton to create a strong seal. It is usually applied along the seams and edges of cartons to provide maximum strength and stability.

2. Can strapping be used for heavy-duty packaging?

 Yes, there are packing tapes specifically designed for heavy-duty applications. These tapes are usually reinforced with fiberglass or polyester threads for extra strength and durability. They are ideal for sealing heavy packages or bundling large items together.

3. Does the transparent packing tape have a smell?

 Clear packing tape usually doesn't have a strong smell. However, some tapes may have a mild adhesive smell that dissipates quickly after application.

4. Can shipping tape be recycled?

 The recyclability of shipping tape depends on the materials used. Some shipping tapes are made from recycled materials, such as paper or cardboard, while others may contain non-recyclable components, such as plastics or adhesives. It is recommended to check the packaging or consult a local recycling center to determine the recyclability of a particular shipping tape.

5. Can box tape be written on?

Most box tapes have a smooth surface that allows for easy writing with permanent markers or other writing tools. This can be useful for labeling or identifying boxes.

Customer Reviews

Clear adhesive tape.

Great value tape. Strong sticky and very cheap.Essential to use it with a hand held tape dispenser, it makes life so much easier. Does a great job and great value for money.

Rliable, affordable tape for all packaging needs.

As someone who does a lot of shipping and packaging, I was excited to try out Packaging Tape. I'm happy to say that this tape is a great choice for anyone who needs a reliable, affordable tape for all their packaging needs.

First of all, the tape itself is strong and durable. It adheres well to boxes and envelopes, and it doesn't peel off or tear easily. I've used it to seal up heavy boxes and it has held up well, with no signs of weakening or coming loose.

Overall, I think this Packaging Tape is a great choice for anyone who needs a reliable tape for all their packaging needs. It's strong, durable, and easy to use, and it comes at a very affordable price. I would definitely recommend this tape 


Incredible value! The rolls came in quickly. They fit to my two kinds of despensers with ease. The tape thickness is acceptable, it's not like some super thin tapes I found in dollar store. I wish they could sell in 6 packs, but it's still a good deal when buying in 12 packs.

Perfect tape

I use this for all of my business shipping needs. Very durable and sturdy ! Love when they go on sale!

Tape Won't Stick to Itself! BEST of the BEST- a No-Brainer! But LESS Tape

This is still a five star tape and our favorite as we both have arthritis and dexterity issues. This tape is SO easy, however please note we seen to run through this tape like water so pay attention to the length of packing tape and your needs!

We love to try me products but then also know when we have discovered the best! With both of us having arthritis and dexterity issues issues too, this tape takes the cake for us, is always dependable and won't get stuck on itself on the dispenser rolls. How handy that each roll is already on a sturdy and proven red plastic dispenser. not to deviate from what we think is the best. We love to pack our things well and actually ship them ourselves. Grabbing the right kind of products makes great sense for Mom and I and this brand we think to be be best.

The price point of this tape is extremely competitive and seems by reviews to mostly get five star votes!

The individual plastic red dispenser makes life ever so easy and we're not stuck trying to place the roll on the fairly strong dispenser that comes already with the purchase.

We both LOVE the new feature preventing this clear tape from getting stuck to itself.. And we're not trying to find the beginning on the roll with a fingernail because we've not had the problem with it sticking to itself anymore!

Can't wait to use this tape again next time too.

Thick and strong

This tape adds a little more thickness than the average packing tape which makes a stronger hold without tearing. Strength and longer lasting hold is important to me. I like this tape and will buy again.

Things I love about this tape:

- It’s crystal clear. Instead of purchasing adhesive label paper, I can print my shipping labels on regular copy paper and just tape over them, which saves me money. The barcodes & postage info remain visible and I know the ink won’t smudge during transit if it rains.

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