Clear Packing Tape Custom Packaging Carton Sealing Tape

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【STRONG AND DURABLE】: Our Clear Packaging Tape is thick and designed to withstand shipping, moving, storing, and sealing needs. It keeps packages safe and secure during transit.

【EASY TO USE】: This shipping tape refill fits perfectly into the standard tape dispenser. Save time applying packaging tape to boxes. Complete your work in a fast and efficient way.

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【EXTREMELY DURABLE】: Provides excellent holding power for packaging and shipping, easy to use shipping tape that will not split or rip during application.

【STICKS QUICKLY 】: Rubber resin adhesive quickly sticks to a variety of materials, and sturdy polypropylene backing conforms under stress for durable high performance

【MULTIPURPOSE CARTON SEALING PACKAGING TAPE】: It is perfect for moving or shipping merchandise. Ideal for organizing your shipments from priority items to least important, and when moving to categorize delicate boxes. Also, for home removals, shipping and mailing, for storing and organizing household items, but also for anything that one expects from a household multipurpose tape. This moving and packing tape will always come in handy.


Product name Custom Carton Sealing Tape Packaging
Adhesive Acrylic
Adhesive Side Single Sided
Adhesive Type Pressure Sensitive
Material Bopp
Color Transparent, Brown, Yellow or Custom
Width Customers' Request
Thickness 40-60mic or custom
Length 50-1000m or custom
Design Printing Offer Printing for custom logo


Super Sticky

With strong & secure BOPP acrylic adhesive, the sturdy tape sticks very well and holds boxes together. The extra strength of the material prevents clear packing tape damage during shipping. Perfect long lasting bonding range in performance for shipping and storage.

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Strong Adhesive

The packing tape providing excellent holding power to heavy duty packages

High Transparency

The packing tape uses transparency film and high quality glue, which can better protect your boxes or labels

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Wide Applications

Apply at the depot, home and office use. The tape could be used for shipping, packaging, box and carton sealing, removing clothing dust and pet hair.

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Working principle

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1. How strong is the shipping tape?


 The strength of shipping tape can vary by specific type and brand. Reinforced tapes generally provide increased strength due to embedded fibers or filaments. It is recommended to choose a shipping tape that matches the weight and fragility of the package to ensure safe transportation.

2. Do clear packing tapes come in different adhesive strengths?

 Yes, clear packing tapes come in different adhesive strengths. Some tapes are designed for light-duty applications, while others provide extra bond strength for heavy-duty or industrial use. Be sure to check product specifications to choose the right tape for your specific needs.

3. Can the sealing tape be recycled?


 The recyclability of packing tape depends on the materials used. Most plastic packing tape is not recyclable and should be removed before recycling the packaging material. However, some eco-friendly packaging tapes are made from biodegradable materials that can be recycled along with the packaging.

4. Can carton sealing tape be used on other surfaces than cardboard?

 Yes, carton sealing tape can also be used on other surfaces such as plastic, metal or wooden boxes. However, it is important to ensure that the tape's adhesive is compatible with the surface material to guarantee a proper bond and a secure seal.

5. How much box tape is needed for sealing a box?

The amount of box tape required for sealing a box depends on its size and weight. As a general guideline, use at least two strips of tape on the bottom and top seams of the box, ensuring they overlap the edges for maximum security.

Customer Reviews

Better than expected!

I was hesitant to get tape that wasn’t a well known name brand. I sell online and mail out quite a few packages per week. This tape is sticky enough and holds up really well. No issues at all.

Tough Tape

Just before I got this tape I purchased an item that was in a cardboard box that I am sure was packed and taped at the factory. Unboxing the item allowed me to compare this tape to tape used by professional packers. The tape used by the pro’s was very thin you could feel when I removed some, the pro’s tape tape pulled some cardboard off the box when removed.

Getting my tape off the roll you could feel how thin it was, just like the pro’s . I put some of my tape on the pro’s box it was ripped off and again took off some of the cardboard, not as much. So I put more tape on the pro’s box left it on for a couple hours and this even more cardboard came off when I ripped it off.

How strong is this thin tape? I took this last piece that I just pulled off the box, about 28” long, and tried to pull it between my two hands, nope not a chance, I call it very strong. Sure, I should have put it in the vise and then pulled, but experience told me not to do so as I value my t-bone. I think this tape is what the pro’s use.

 What a Bargain! What a Value! Buy the Tape!

If you go through tape like I do you will appreciate this tape, it is a very good adhesive tape, strong, easy to work with and a BARGAIN. You get 12 big rolls for so cheap! I use this tape for all kinds of things, I tape down my rugs, and many other household items . I use it inside and out, and of course I use it on boxes to mail items and you just can not beat the value and the price. I can't say anymore than that!

Recommend! Thick With Great Adhesion!

This tape is super clear! I like the thickness and adhesion of tape. The only issue is sometimes it rips and piece stays on roll. But is easy to restart because it is so thick.


THIS TAPE IS GREAT. IT IS CLEAR TO THE CORE. THE ADHESION IS EXCELLENT. IT IS A MUCH BETTER VALUE THAN 3M. This clear tape, I have used succesfully in the past for sealing over 200 boxes. the boxes that I did not open yet since I moved are still sealed tight one year after the move.

 Best packaging, tape ever

I bought this package tape specifically for the no tear easy to use role. I don’t know the technology involved in making this, but it makes my job so much easier. I will not buy any other packaging tape other than this I ship animals and reptiles for a living, and I need the boxes to be secure And easy to use the tape serves me really well. I can’t see myself fiddling around trying to just get other brand started the technology and this type is different. It’s not just a packaging tape.

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