Heavy Duty Packaging Tape Clear Packing Tape for Shipping Moving Sealing

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【Heavy Duty & Durable】: Discard the low quality tapes for something more commercial and industrial. When using our packing tape you experience the feeling of PERFECTION, EFFICIENCY, and EASY TAPING that promises maximum sealing and protection for your goods as well as an aesthetically pleasing result. Offers wide temperature range performance for shipping and storage in hot or cold temperatures.

【Strong Adhesive】:  With strong BOPP acrylic adhesive, the sturdy tape sticks very well and holds boxes together.

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【Odorless and safe】: Transparent tape is made with non-toxic materials and won't emit any unpleasant odors, making it safe for use in any setting.

【The Thicker, The Better】: After studying and reseaching, we increase the percentage of glue to have a better adhesion than the other same thickness tapes

【Multiple Uses】:  Packing tape heavy duty apply at the depot, home and office use. The tape could be used for shipping, packaging, box and carton sealing, removing clothing dust and pet hair.


Product Name BOPP Packing Tape
Thickness 35mic-70mic
Common Size 50mic*48mm*50m/100
Color Clear, Brown, Yellow or Custom made
Material Bopp
Feature Bopp film backing and pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. High tensile strength, broad temperature tolerance, printable.
Application Designed for box sealing, shipping, mailing, packaging or storage taping application. Ideal for label protection. Widely use for
packing the carton, sealing , protecting.


Induserial Strength Adhesive

Grade Adhesive Holding Power, Holds out perfectly even on overstuffed packages and cartons making ideal for heavy duty tasks that need industrial grade adhesion and holding power. Adhesive sticks to smooth and textured surfaces especially on cardboard and carton materials.

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Super Sticky

With strong BOPP acrylic adhesive, the sturdy tape sticks very well and holds boxes together.

Secure Move

Ensure a stress-free move with our reliable packing tape. Keep your belongings secure during transit with our noiseless and strong sealing solution.

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High Quality Packing Tape

Resist Splitting and Tearing, This packing Tape Provides excellent holding power strong and anti-splitting for normal, economy or heavy-duty packaging and shipping supplies,Fit for standard core dispenser gun.

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Working principle

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1. How strong is the shipping tape?


 The strength of shipping tape can vary by specific type and brand. Reinforced tapes generally provide increased strength due to embedded fibers or filaments. It is recommended to choose a shipping tape that matches the weight and fragility of the package to ensure safe transportation.

2. Do clear packing tapes come in different adhesive strengths?

 Yes, clear packing tapes come in different adhesive strengths. Some tapes are designed for light-duty applications, while others provide extra bond strength for heavy-duty or industrial use. Be sure to check product specifications to choose the right tape for your specific needs.

3. Can the sealing tape be recycled?


 The recyclability of packing tape depends on the materials used. Most plastic packing tape is not recyclable and should be removed before recycling the packaging material. However, some eco-friendly packaging tapes are made from biodegradable materials that can be recycled along with the packaging.

4. Can carton sealing tape be used on other surfaces than cardboard?

 Yes, carton sealing tape can also be used on other surfaces such as plastic, metal or wooden boxes. However, it is important to ensure that the tape's adhesive is compatible with the surface material to guarantee a proper bond and a secure seal.

5. How much box tape is needed for sealing a box?

The amount of box tape required for sealing a box depends on its size and weight. As a general guideline, use at least two strips of tape on the bottom and top seams of the box, ensuring they overlap the edges for maximum security.

Customer Reviews

The best heavy duty shipping tape.

I am a Daily shipper. This is the best tape for shipping packages. I like the thickness of this tape , and don't need to worry about the adhesive becoming weak. Good and strong.

The reliable and durable packing tape

As someone who frequently ships packages, I always need a reliable and durable packing tape. The clear packing tape has been an excellent addition to my packaging supplies.

This tape is incredibly strong and durable, ensuring that my packages stay securely sealed during transit. The clear tape is also ideal as it doesn't detract from any labels or writing on the package, making it easy for the delivery personnel to read and handle.

The pack of six rolls is also a great value for the price, ensuring that I always have enough tape on hand for all of my packaging needs. I would highly recommend the clear packing tape to anyone in need of a strong and reliable tape for their shipping and packaging needs.

Great Quality , strong tape.

Fairly priced, very durable, with excellent adhesion. Not much more to say. I’d purchase again.

Excellent packing tape

* The tape is good and sticky, and it will peel off the top layer of cardboard instead of the tape not sticking. If you are packing boxes, this is a great tape.

* If you are looking for a clear tape, this is it. The tape is very clear.

This is excellent and works for my needs of sealing cardboard boxes.

Wide and sturdy

I love the width of this tape, wide to tape the largest of boxes. The tape is heavy duty and the adhesive is strong. It fits in my tape dispenser. I recommend this tape for packaging and shipping.

Perfect for shipping!

I love this tape for shipping. I used to run an Etsy shop where I’d prepare and ship about 30 orders a week. I relied heavily on this tape, and I still do for the occasional items I need to ship.

Things I love about this tape:

- It’s crystal clear. Instead of purchasing adhesive label paper, I can print my shipping labels on regular copy paper and just tape over them, which saves me money. The barcodes & postage info remain visible and I know the ink won’t smudge during transit if it rains.

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