Custom Printed Tape Roll Box Packing Shipping Bopp Tape with Logo

Short Description:

Application for Branding, Promotion, Marketing, general purpose, decorative

Size: 12 mm ~ 72 mm

Material: Polythene

Feature: Water Proof

Pattern: As per custom design & artwork

Adhesive Side: Single Sided

Features: Highly Adhesive, long life, plastic based Material

Adhesive Type: Acrylic based

Product Detail

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Introducing our high quality custom printed box sealing packaging tape - the perfect solution for all your packaging needs. Our custom printed tapes are designed to meet your specific requirements, allowing you to print your organization's name, logo, contact details, website, slogan and phone number on them. With the ability to create any type of design on these tapes, you can create unique and eye-catching packaging solutions that represent your brand.

Custom design and Printing:

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One of the unique features of our custom printed tapes is the ability to be made to sizes that fit your specific requirements. Whether you require a specific width or length, we can customize our tape to fit your packaging needs. This level of customization gives you added convenience and flexibility, as you can ensure your packaging fits your product exactly.

Custom Logo Tape 

Custom Logo Tape

One of the main benefits of using custom printed tapes is that they increase name recognition and recognition. By including your organization's branding on the tape, you ensure that your package is easily identifiable and associated with your company. This is especially beneficial for reordering as your customers can easily identify and remember your packaging, making the reordering process smoother. Additionally, custom printed tapes help prevent theft because they make it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to tamper with your packages.

Our most popular custom printed tape material is polypropylene. This material is versatile and cost-effective and is commonly used in the packaging industry. Whether you're a startup shipping small packages or an industrial warehouse shipping large quantities, polypropylene provides reliable, efficient packaging solutions. Its durability and tear resistance make it ideal for securing packages during shipping, ensuring your products reach their destination safely.

In addition to its functional benefits, our custom printed tape is a powerful branding and marketing tool. By adding your brand to the tape, you can increase your company's visibility and create a professional image. Custom printed tapes are particularly effective for businesses that rely on transportation and logistics because they provide a consistent and cohesive brand experience throughout the customer journey.

Tapes Application

Tapes Application
Production Process

All in all, our custom printed box sealing packaging tape is the perfect solution for your packaging needs. These tapes have the ability to print your organization's branding and contact information, increasing visibility, making reordering easy, and preventing theft. Made from high-grade materials and available in customizable sizes, our tapes meet the highest industry standards and deliver reliable quality. Whether you are shipping small packages or large quantities, our custom printed tapes provide a versatile, cost-effective and efficient packaging solution. Invest in our custom printed tapes today and take your packaging to the next level.

Production Process 

In our professionally certified factory, we take quality control and testing seriously. We know that the reliability of our products is critical to your business, so we implement strict quality control measures to ensure our tapes meet the highest industry standards. We use only high-grade materials to manufacture our packaging tape, guaranteeing its durability and long-lasting performance. Our tape is rust-resistant, saving you replacement costs and giving you peace of mind that your package remains intact during shipping.

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