Carton Packing Tape Box Sealing Clear Adhesive Tape

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Strong and reliable: Our clear tape is designed to provide a secure seal for your packages, boxes, and envelopes, ensuring that your items are protected during shipping and handling.

Clear Acrylic Construction:Designed to provide a clean, professional-looking application, This tape features a crystal clear, lightweight construction. Simple to apply, the tape uses a polymer water-based adhesive for dependable sticking power you can trust.

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High Transparency: High transparency makes information clearly visible even when covered with clear packing tape.

Easy to Use :this transparent packing tape is suitable for all standard tape dispensers and tape guns. You also tear with your hand. Provides excellent holding power for normal, economy or heavy-duty packaging and shipping supplies.


Product Name Carton Sealing Clear Packing Tape
Material BOPP film + Glue
Feature Strong sticky, Low noise type, No bubble
Thickness Customized, 38mic~90mic
Width Customized 18mm~1000mm, or as normal 24mm, 36mm, 42mm, 45mm, 48mm, 50mm, 55mm, 58mm, 60mm, 70mm, 72mm, etc.
Length Customized, or as normal 50m, 66m, 100m, 100 yards, etc.
Core size 3 inches (76mm)
Color Cear, Brown, Yellow or Custom
Logo print Custom personal label available


Packaging Tape

This durable clear packaging tape offers reliable strength and withstands wear and tear.

 film and acrylic adhesive


Multi Purpose Convenience

The everyday packing tape works well for securely sealing shut shipping boxes, household storage boxes, moving day boxes, and more.

Strong Adhesive

The tape's adhesive bond strengthens over time to ensure a long lasting hold.




Working principle



1. What is box tape?

Box tape, also known as packing tape or adhesive tape, is a type of tape commonly used for sealing boxes and packages. 

2. What is the difference between acrylic tape, hot melt tape and natural tape?


 Acrylic tapes are known for their excellent clarity and resistance to yellowing, making them ideal for applications where aesthetics are important. Hot melt tape offers exceptional strength and fast adhesion for heavy-duty sealing. Natural rubber tape has excellent adhesion to difficult surfaces and performs well in extreme temperatures.

3. Can clear packing tape be reused?

 Clear packing tape is not suitable for re-use. Once it's removed from the surface, its adhesive properties will weaken and it may not bond as strongly as before. It is always recommended to use fresh tape for each application to ensure a proper seal.

4. Is the sealing tape waterproof?

 While many packing tapes are waterproof, not all tapes are completely waterproof. It is important to read the product label or instructions to determine its water resistance rating. If you need to ensure complete waterproofing, consider using specialized waterproof packing tape.

5. How long does shipping tape usually last?

 The useful life of shipping tape may vary due to factors such as temperature, humidity, and handling conditions during shipping. In general, high-quality shipping tape will retain its adhesive strength for about 6 to 12 months if stored properly in a cool, dry place.

Customer Reviews

Tape works great for shipping

I have a small online store and ship out several packages, so go through a lot of tape. This tape is comparable to other brands that I have liked to use. This tape is a good thickness, has a good adhesive hold to my boxes, it comes out of my tape gun just fine and tears off easily, and I trust it to hold during shipping. I am very happy with this shipping tape and would recommend it to anyone needing some shipping tape.


Clear Packing Tape -- it's the best

I don't understand why I got another notice that the packing tape has arrived, as it had already arrived in July. Please don't send me another pack now. I'd rather wait until I need more. Also I sent a review of this product in July. Please see it below. If you have any questions, please let me know.

I like it because it gets the job done. Big boxes, small boxes, items that are not boxes at all. It works on all of them. My favorite use: Making my own specialized, personalized 'business' card. Here's how you make one: Type up what you want the receiver to get, including your address, phone, email, picture and a special message. Type it on paper or cardboard. Then cut a bit of packing tape for the front, then another for the back, and then mail it along with whatever you're sending to the recipient. It'll take a few times to get it the way you want it, but it's worth it. Using the best clear packing tape you can find definitely makes it the best. And this is the tape you should want to get. And oh year, this packing tape works on traditional boxes, cartons, etc.

Great value for your money

I normally buy the scotch or heavy duty tape to use on my boxes. I found this tape to have a strong adhesive and a heavy consistency so the tape didnt rip easily and stuck well to my boxes. Overall it made me use less tape on my boxes than i would normally use.. I will be purchasing this product again soon..

Great help with my moving boxes

Got these to help tape up boxes as I moved, and they have held up wonderfully. Tape is strong enough to keep the box shut but not so strong that it was impossible to get into them when needed. The plastic holder/cutter has been great for getting just the right amount without the tape sticking to itself or me!

 Comparable to the Name Brand

I ship items often from my home business. I deal with packing tape on a daily basis, so I know the good stuff and the horrid stuff. This tape falls slightly under the best of the best, but it still great!

I did an actual comparison to the brand I had on my dispenser, which was Scotch packing tape. I would say that this tape is slightly thinner but still strong. It didn't seem as if it would tear easy, but it tore accurately when I put it into my dispenser. The adhesion was comparable to Scotch and it actually seemed a little better. It stuck over a shipping label just find and stuck great to a cardboard box.

If I had to think of something to complain about, it would be the thinness when compared to similar brands, which really isn't a deal breaker for me. All in all, I'm very happy with this packing tape, and I will gladly order again if the price is better than the other brand I usually buy. I think this is a good deal with the ease of it coming straight to you when ordering!

Very good tape, sticks well and heavy

The tape is very thick and strong, not like a of of that cellophane thin junk. Not sure where all the reviews come from saying it's not sticky, this is not my experience, and I'm impressed with the strength, the adhesion and the price.

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