Packing Tape Brown Bopp Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape

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SUPER VALUE BROWN PACKING TAPE – Secure your cartons and boxes with our reliable tape before you ship them. Our tape thick and comes in three colors; clear, tan, and brown.

FUN AND CLASSIC BROWN PACKING TAPE – Take your pick from our selection of tapes. From brown packing tape to colored tape rolls with unique, fun colors and vibrant designs, we have something to offer everyone.

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HEAVY DUTY – Industrial-grade brown packing tape for commercial use, this sealing tape securely closes a wide variety of medium-weight box materials, including recycled fiberboard, corrugate and liner paper.

CONSISTENT HIGH QUALITY – Resistant to abrasion, moisture, chemicals and scuffing for excellent holding power

UNIVERSAL STANDARD SIZES: 2 inch wide; 2mil thickness; Tan Color, The diameter of core is 3 inch and perfectly fit standard 2inch hand-held dispenser. It will help your warehouse manage the sealing process quick and efficient.


Item  Box Sealing Shipping Packing Brown Tape
Construction Bopp film backing and pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. High tensile strength, broad temperature tolerance, printable.
Length From 10m to 8000mNormal: 50m, 66m, 100m, 100y, 300m, 500m, 1000y etc
Width From 4mm to 1280mm. Normal: 45mm, 48mm, 50mm, 72mm etc or as required
Thickness From 38mic to 90mic
Colors Brown, Clear, Yellow etc or Custom 


Tough Good Adhesive  

Highly durable - Ultra-tough thick tape withstands heat and cold climates for use anytime, anywhere, making it suitable for home, commercial, or industrial use.

Easy to use on its own, our carton sealing tape can also be combined with one of our tape dispensers, making application even easier and more efficient.

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High Quality Brwon Tape

Our thick tape is very good in thickness and toughness, will not tear or split easily.

Quiet and Easy Unwind

Seal packages quietly and easily, with our packaging tape. These easy-to-start rolls unwind smoothly and resist slivering and splitting

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Best Suitable For Any Job Task

Premium quality - Economic for home, commercial or industrial use. Any temperatures and environments will not change the tape's quality.

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Working principle

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1. What is brown sealing tape?

 Brown packing tape is a type of tape that is mainly used to seal boxes and packages during shipping or moving. It is made of durable and strong material to keep the packaging safe and secure.

2. How is brown shipping tape different from regular tape?

 Brown shipping tape differs from ordinary tape in terms of durability and strength. Unlike ordinary tapes that may not be able to withstand the rigors of shipping, Brown Shipping Tape is specially designed to provide a stronger, more reliable seal. It has higher adhesion and can withstand the stress normally encountered during transportation.

3. Can the brown packing tape be stored for a long time?

 Brown packing tape can be used for short to medium term storage. However, for long-term storage, it is recommended to use dedicated archive or storage tapes designed for this purpose. These tapes have enhanced adhesive properties that can withstand extended periods of time without degradation or loss of bond strength.

4. What safety precautions need to be considered when using brown shipping tape?

 When using brown shipping tape, it must be handled with care to prevent accidental cuts or injuries. Always use proper tools, such as tape dispensers or cutters, to ensure safe operation. Also, avoid using excessive force when sealing the package to prevent damage to the contents or the tape itself.

5. Does the brown packing tape have any additional features?

 Some brown packing tapes have additional features for specific uses. For example, there is brown packing tape with reinforcing fibers that add extra strength to the tape. Some tapes also have an easy-tear feature that makes it easy to remove the tape by hand rather than using scissors or knives.

6. Is the brown shipping tape waterproof?

 Most brown shipping tapes are waterproof, which means they can withstand the effects of moisture while in transit. However, it is very important to check the specific adhesive properties of the tape before use, as not all brown shipping tapes are completely waterproof.

Customer Reviews

strong hold

this tape works great, we use it to seal up larger envelopes and packages and it is sturdy.

Good product.

This tape is ideal for sealing boxes and packages for shipping, moving, or storage. This tape is easy to cut with a tape dispenser or scissors, making it convenient to use. This packing tape is a cost-effective solution for all your packaging needs. It provides a strong and reliable seal for your packages, ensuring that they arrive at their destination safely and securely. It's a very good product.

Love this type

 I purchased this tape on repeat it is heavy duty and extra sturdy. I am very confident when I ship my packages that the box is not going to open with this tape. Other brands have left me feeling uneasy. this is the only one I trust with all my packaging needs.

Good Tape, easy to use, cheap, shipped fast

Use this for shipping packages. Highly recommend. Cost effective. Works great.

it was the the correct width and length

This was worth the purchase to always have a roll handy. I was also able to use this to refill all my existing tape holders, it was the the correct width and length

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