Black Stretch Wrap Industrial Strength Packing Film for Moving Shipping

Short Description:

HEAVY DUTY STRETCH WRAP: Stretch film uses top grade virgin LLDPE resin to create high quality and heavy duty industrial strength standard stretch wrap and protect oversized items to be scratch. Pallet wrap extruding process of 7 layers to provide max tear resistance.

INDUSTRIAL EXTREMELY STRONG AND TEAR RESISTANT: High performance 18 inch Stretch premium film with high puncture resistance that is tacky on both sides providing greater cling strength and pallet load stability.

WEATHER RESISTANT: Our stretch wrap shields your furniture from rain, snow, dirt, and dust while being transported. The protective layer also prevents stains, spills, rips, and scratches.

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UP TO 500% STRETCH ABILITY: Superior stretch, easy to unwrap, sticks to itself for a perfect seal. The more you stretch, the more adhesive is activated. The handle is made of paper tube and cannot be rotated.

MULTI-PURPOSE USE: Stretch film is prefect for industrial and personal use. Easy to be used to pack cargo pallets for transportation and can be pack furniture ofr moving. Perfect for moving, warehousing, safely collating, furniture wrapping for moving, palletizing, bundling, securing loose objects


Product Name Industrial Stretch Wrap Packing Film
Material LLDPE
Thickness 10micron-80micron
Length 100 - 5000m
Width 35-1500mm
Type Stretch Film
Processing Type Casting
Color Black, Clear, Blue or Custom
Tensile strength at break(kg/cm2) hand wrap: more than 280machinegrade: more than 350

pre-stretch:  more than 350

Tear strength(G) hand wrap: more than 80
machinegrade: more than 120
pre-stretch: more than 160

Custom sizes acceptable

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Good stretch, easy to unwrap, sticks to itself for a perfect seal. The more you stretch, the more adhesive is activated.
With a sturdy, custom-designed stationary stretch film handle, there's sure to be less hand strain in the fingers and wrists.

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Heavy Duty Stretch Wrap

Our Black Stretch Wrap Film is ideal for moving and transporting goods. It is made of heavy duty plastic material for industrial strength and durability.

Its thickness firmly secures heavyweight or large items, even under the most severe transit and weather conditions.

High Toughness,Superior Stretch

Our stretch film wrap is made of premium durable material with 80 gauge stretch thickness. It has strong toughness and offers a better film cling, protecting items from dirt, water, tears and scratches during packing, moving, shipping, traveling and storing.
18 microns thick durable polyethylene plastic, with excellent puncture resistance.
Provide the best protection at shipping, pallet packing, and moving.

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Perfect for safely collating, bundling and securing all types of items, whether you need to wrap furniture, boxes, suitcases, or any object featuring odd shapes or sharp corners. If you are transferring loads that are uneven and difficult to handle, this clear shrink film stretch packing wrap will protect all your merchandise.


This pack stretch wrap rolls keep items safe from external impacts like heat, cold, rain, dust and dirt. Not only that, our shrink wrap has glossy and slippery outer surfaces onto which dust and dirt can't cling.

Plastic wrap prevents sticking of pallets to each other. The film is black, light, economic and endurable to all weather conditions.

Stretch plastic wrap can be used to pack all kinds of products and provides secure, thick wrapping. This shrink wrap is not affected by protruding and sharp corners. There’s no need for ropes or straps.

This gives you great universal use, meaning you can wrap almost anything with our multi-purpose stretch wrap.


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Workshop Process

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1. Is there any specific use for the stretch wrap in different colors?

 While the color of a stretch wrap can serve an aesthetic purpose or be used to differentiate a product or pallet, it usually does not affect its performance. The choice of color is subjective and depends on personal preference or specific identification needs.

2. Are there any disadvantages to using stretch film?

 While stretch film has many advantages, there are still some caveats to keep in mind. Excessive stretching of the film will result in loss of elasticity and loss of load stability. Additionally, overuse of stretch film leads to plastic waste, so it is imperative to only use what is necessary and consider recyclable options.

3. How should stretch film be stored?

 Stretch film should be stored in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. It is important to keep the film away from sharp objects or edges that could cause punctures or tears. Proper storage of stretch film helps preserve its quality and effectiveness for future use.

4. How to choose a suitable stretch film supplier?

 Selecting the correct stretch wrap supplier is critical to obtaining quality products and reliable service. Consider factors such as product quality, product range, quantity flexibility, on-time delivery and customer support. Reading reviews, seeking advice, and comparing quotes from multiple suppliers can help you make an informed decision.

Customer Reviews

 Great product

Did exactly what I needed it to do gray for wrapping furniture for moving

Strong wrap

I love this product for moving. I had a Vern nice cupboard that was damaged years ago because a mover taped it closed instead of using something like this. I was so irritated that I had to get rid of a piece of furniture because all I saw when I looked at it was the flaws. After that, if it was important to me, I packed it myself so that I knew it was done correctly.

Stretch wrap is perfect for packing! I can wrap a few cups or some stemware in bubble wrap and then put this around it and then I can easily reuse the bubble wrap whereas if I used tape, I would have to peel off the tape to make it reusable. I love it. The handles make it easy to use and it will really just make both packing and unpacking easier..

Strong wrapping plastic, fare price and I got it when they told me it was to be delivered, I'm ve...
Strong wrapping plastic, fare price and I got it when they told me it was to be delivered, I'm very satisfied whit this product

Best option for black wrap.

This was the best deal on Amazon at the time of purchase. I didn’t want all my belongings and furniture visible while moving, so the black was a must. I have so much left after my move. Only thing is it’s not that comfortable to unroll since you have to hold onto the actual cardboard roll in the center as you wrap.

Great rolls

I recently purchased the Industrial Strength Hand Stretch Wrap, and my experience with the product was good. One of the things I really appreciated about this product was that it came with plenty of rolls, which meant I didn't have to worry about running out of wrap during the packing and shipping process.

Another great thing about this stretch wrap was its durability. The film was thick enough to provide good protection for my items, and it also had a high level of adhesion, which kept everything securely in place.

Overall, I was very pleased with this Stretch Wrap rolls. It was easy to use and provided the right level of protection for my items. If you're looking for a reliable and durable stretch wrap, I would definitely recommend giving this product a try.

Versatile product can be used all around house!

Stretch wrap has yet to fail me, I have used this product in many around the house tasks, ie: wrapped seedling trays germinating; wrap my body after applying clay body mask, in a pinch used to wrap food. Used in place of a clamp when gluing odd shaped wood together. Without question, anytime I have moved residence, or stored valuable items I always use stretch wrap to protect my treasured belonging. I never have to worry, I know stretch wrap works, never failed me!

Awesome stuff

This stuff was great. I wrapped a heavy wheel (108lbs) and tire to ship them across the country. I rolled the tire to the drop off, it traveled literally across the US and looked the same as it did when it got there as it did when I shipped it. Tough stuff!

 Second purchase; it’s worth it for moving

I bought a single roll first to try it out, because part of me thought it was simpler and better to buy foodservice grade plastic wrap from the warehouse club. But then this stuff came, and I started using it, and I returned the 3000 ft roll of the other stuff.

I have a lot of furniture I wanted to protect, and I used moving blankets first on most of it, then this on top. Sometimes I just used the plastic, and that worked ok for less fragile items. But it worked really well for my folding exercise bike, to keep the blankets snugly on my other pieces, and to protect things that I didn’t have blankets for, like end tables and smaller ottomans. I wrapped my expensive dining chairs in a blanket first, then the plastic to keep it in place, which was a very good idea. This kept the blankets from sliding when the movers had to move the items, and protected the spots the blankets couldn’t cover.

Basically, after trying out one roll, I promptly bought this set. It was a very good purchase. I’m tempted to get it again for next time, because it really is good protection.

***This is supposed to be recyclable. That’s what made me decide to buy it. Otherwise that’s a lot of plastic waste. But I’m bothered by the fact that, though it’s probably recyclable, it doesn’t come marked to that effect. I’m not sure what happens when it goes in the recycling stream; workers will probably toss it out bc it isn’t labeled as to which kind of plastic it is for recycling. That part really stinks, but I haven’t found a good alternative. Moving blankets and giant rubber bands are not enough on their own, and tape doesn’t work well with moving blankets either. I guess it’s a necessary evil, but you may want to find out how to recycle this before buying.

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