Polyester PET Strap Packaging Industrial-Grade Plastic Strapping Band for Packing

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【Approved Cost-Effective Strapping】 The Polyester (PET) Strapping  with high Breaking Strength. Green color. The universal plastic banding is resistant to most chemicals, UV, moisture, abrasion, aging, and scuffing. AAR approved

【Better strapping effect】:  The PET strapping, also known as Polyester strapping, is UV resistant and an excellent choice for outdoor applications. Polyester plastic shipping straps with high break strength gives similar durability to steel strapping but is safer to use.

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【Heavy-Duty Application】:    PET strapping is an excellent choice for medium to heavy-duty application, Apply for electric strapping machine and other portable manual/electric strapping machine. It is is an excellent choice for a variety of applications: bundling together goods on pallets , books, pipe, lumber, concrete block, wooden/paper boxes, etc.

【Recycling】: Can be easily gathered up and disposed of via closed-loop recycling programs.

【Widely Use】: Polyester strapping (PET) is an excellent choice for a variety of applications: bundling together newspapers, pipe, lumber, concrete block, wooden boxes, crates, corrugated boxes etc.

【About our Packaging 】:  Responsible and considerate approach to all customer needs is the key principle of our service. We value our customers and only offer packaging products that are carefully chosen and approved by our packaging experts. We actually use these products ourselves when packaging and fulfilling orders


Product Name: Polyester Strapping Rolls (PET Strap)
Material: Polyethylene Terephthalate 100% Fresh Raw Material  
Surface Type: Embossed / Smooth Plain
Production Process: Extrusion Product
Width: 9mm - 32mm
Thickness:  0.60mm - 1.27mm
Color: Green, Black
Strength: 140 kgf - 1370 kgf
Industrial Application: Cotton, Fiber, Jute, Metal, Textile, Can, Chemical, Paint, Binding, Paper Products, Glass, Ceramic, Electrical Goods, Plastic Processing, Agro Products, Fisheries, Auto and all heavy duty packaging applications.

Normal Product Spec

Width* Thickness

Length/roll GT B.S HT.B.S
12*0.6mm 1/2’’*0.024’’ >2000m >2800N >2500N
12*0.67mm 1/2’’*0.026’’ >1850m >3200N >2800N
12.7*0.8mm 1/2’’*0.031’’ >1400m >3200N >3500N
15*0.8mm 5/8‘’*0.031‘’ >1200m >3800N >4600N
15.5*0.9mm 5/8‘’*0.035‘’ >1000m >4600N >5500N
16*0.6mm 5/8‘’*0.024‘’ >1500m >3200N >3800N
16*0.8mm 5/8‘’*0.031‘’ >1100m >4300N >5000N
16*1.0mm 5/8‘’*0.040‘’ >950m >5300N >6400N
19*0.8mm 3/4‘’*0.031‘’ >950m  >5100N >6200N
19*1.0mm 3/4‘’*0.040‘’ >750m >6300N >8000N
25*1.0mm 1‘’*0.040‘’ >570m >825N >10750N
32*1.0 11/4‘’*0.040‘’ >450m >1056N >13760N


Good Quality

Made of new material, it’s good quality can stand the test.

Qualified products need to use excellent raw materials. Polyethylene Terephthalate, the main raw material for the production of pet straps, is selected for use after being screened and certified by the international quality system ISO9001.

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Crazy Strong & Reliable Quality

Our packaging strapping is made from heavy-duty polyester PET, a durable material that's comparable with steel banding but one that's easier to work with. Its industrial-grade quality has a high-tension break strength of up to 1400 lbs, helping to keep your goods secure regardless of the weight.

Smooth, Clear Emboss

Its surface finish has smooth and embossed two types for choosing. For the embossed one, its embossing is very clear, which adopts high density polyethylene by uniaxial stretch orientation embossing.

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No Sharp, No Scratch

Our PET plastic strapping band has no sharp edges, it will not scratch the packaging, nor will it hurt your hands. Even if the binding is tight, it will not hurt people when cut.

An Essential for Small & Big Businesses

Great for a wide variety of applications, our banding roll is excellent when you've got packages to bundle up—whether that's for personal or business purposes. Ideal for both light and heavy loads when fastening cargo, chipboards, plywood, fiberboards, bricks, stone blocks, ceramic tiles, paving slabs, and more!

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Working principle

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Customer Reviews

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Heavy Duty

This is a nice big roll of strapping tape and feels pretty heavy-duty. It comes in a spool in a box so if you don't have a cart for this you can leave it in the box and feed the tape through one of the handle holes.

Banding material

We love this material. Much easier than metal banding, and safer too

 Very strong banding

Works perfectly

Time to get my strap band on

 I ordered this fully aware that most uses that this PET strapping was designed for require special tools to tighten and secure it, tools that I do not have. Apparently, there are buckles that can be used without tools which I ordered but haven’t tried yet. I consider myself to be quite ingenious with “out of the box” product uses and that skill will certainly apply to the many uses I can think of for some of this banding. A few uses will involve what most of my projects involve around here and that is stacking and storing firewood. I cover the firewood with tarps and I’ve been using bricks with bungee cords to hang off of the tarp grommets. I will try using this material to make simple loops that I can simply screw to the landscaping ties or pallets that I stack the firewood onto and then simply attach the bungee hooks from the loops to the tarp grommets. I may also try making some lengths of strapping with fixed loops on both ends, securing those loops with heat and/or some simple hardware solution since the creation does not involve tightening in the process. This banding is just such a great source of raw material that has many other uses than it is originally designed for. Check out my uploaded video showing what you get when you order.


this is a good quality strapping. The box has cutout holes on each side so that you can auto-dispense it. It arrived well packaged and is up to our standards for sure. It’s a commodity item but if you’ve landed on this review I can tell you its a good quality for the commodity item.

 Bulk package

This is a bulk pack, a lot of packing straps in a very convenient box. Pulls relatively easily and makes it easy to store after each use.

 Excellent to have on hand to provide reinforcement to boxes

My children live overseas and so I frequently ship boxes abroad. This strapping banding is good to have on hand to reinforce those boxes and provides better reinforcement than the twine that I had been using. It's a good utility item to have in the garage.


1.Can pet straps be used with automatic strapping machines?

Yes, pet leashes are compatible with automatic strapping machines. They load easily onto the machine's dispenser, and the machine efficiently applies the tape around the packaged goods.

2. Are the pet strap impact and pull resistant?

 Yes, pet leashes have excellent impact resistance and tension retention. They can withstand high tensile forces without loss of strength, ensuring safe transportation of goods.

3. Can Polyester (PET) strapping be used with different types of packing materials?

 Yes, pet leashes can be used with all types of packaging materials, such as cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, plastic containers, etc. They provide a safe and secure way to bundle or secure different packaging materials.

4. How wide is the pet strapping?

 Pet strapping are available in a variety of widths, from 9mm to 32mm or larger, depending on specific application requirements. Choosing the proper width ensures optimum strength and load carrying capacity.

5. How to dispose of the pet strap?

 To dispose of the pet strapping, recycling through a recycling facility is recommended. Alternatively, it can be disposed of in accordance with local waste management guidelines.

6. Are pet strapping better than steel band?

 While the choice between pet strapping and steel strap depends on a variety of factors, pet leashes offer several advantages. They are lightweight, flexible and pose no risk of injury during handling. Also, they are safer for the environment as they can be recycled.

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