Green Polyester Strap Roll Heavy Duty Embossed PET Plastic Packing Band

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【 UNIVERSAL PLASTIC BANDING】 The Polyester (PET) Strapping Roll with 600 ~1400 lbs Breaking Strength is a cost-effective solution for all your strapping needs. The green color strapping offers resistance to UV, moisture, abrasion, aging, and scuffing.

【FLEXIBLE AND ADAPTABLE TO A SHIFTING LOAD】 Polyester (PET) straps are great for medium or high holding strength strapping (banding) when flexible and adaptable packaging is needed. Unlike steel, polyester strapping elongates and contracts along with a shifting load, helping to avoid unexpected strapping breaks during shipment.

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【IDEAL FOR MEDIUM AND HEAVY-DUTY BUNDLING】 PET strapping is the perfect choice for bundling medium to heavy-duty packages, including ceramic, pipes, lumber, concrete blocks, wooden boxes, crates, glass, and more.

【LIGHTWEIGHT AND ECO-FRIENDLY】 PET polyester straps are lightweight and easy to handle. They can be disposed of through closed-loop recycling programs, making them an environmentally friendly choice. Additionally, yellow PET strapping maintains its properties even at high temperatures, making it a reliable choice for all your strapping needs.

【SAVING MONEY】UV, moisture, and rust resistant strapping. Provides 30% savings compared to steel strapping.

【HIGH BREAK STRENGTH】 Lightweight polyester strapping reduces overall load weights while keeping high break strength.


Product name

PET Polyester Packing Strap Band


PET(Polyethylene terephthalate)


Machine use / Manual Packaging


Tensile strength 460kg; Fold in half without cracking









Tensile strength


Main Parameters of PET strap

Item No: Description Average Length Pull Force Gross Weight Net Weight
PET Strap-0905 9.0×0.5 mm 3400 m > 150 kg 20 kg 18.5 kg
PET Strap-1205 12.0 ×0.5 mm 2500 m > 180 kg 20 kg 18.5 kg
PET Strap-1206 12.0×0.6 mm 2300 m >210 kg 20 kg 18.5 kg
PET Strap-1606 16.0 ×0.6 mm 1480 m > 300 kg 20 kg 18.5 kg
PET Strap-1608 16.0 ×0.8 mm 1080 m > 380 kg 20 kg 18.5 kg
PET Strap-1610 16.0X1.0 mm 970 m >430 kg 20 kg 18.5 kg
PET Strap-1908 19.0 ×0.8 mm 1020 m >500 kg 20 kg 18.5 kg
PET Strap-1910 19.0X 1.0 mm 740 m > 600 kg 20 kg 18.5 kg
PET Strap-1912 19.0 ×1.2 mm 660 m > 800 kg 20 kg 18.5 kg
PET Strap-2510 25.0X 1.0 mm 500 m > 1000 kg 20 kg 18.5 kg
PET Strap-2512 25.0 X 1.2 mm 500 m >1100 kg 20 kg 18.5 kg

Main Parameters of PET strap

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Excellent Manufacturer

Top quality PET strips are produced according to the standard specifications, each batch is strictly controlled by the master who has more than 10 years of production experience, Professional quality inspectors check product quality.

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Full Measurements

Our this pallet strapping roll measures and test exactly as the real truth sizes. It features an embossed finish, adding extra grip to help keep your strapping well-fastened. It's also resistant to UV, water, rust, and extreme temperatures, giving you the peace of mind that your items are secure—especially during transport.

Embossing and Low Elongation

Outstanding Embossing: Double-sided embossing helps to enhance anti-skid performance. Low Elongation:PET strap's elongation is just 1/6 of the PP strap, it can keep heavy-duty products long time strapping, Heat resistant, and not deformed.

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Rest Assured to Use

After strict product quality testing, each roll of pet strap is guaranteed to have High strength, high toughness, not easy to crack when folded/punctured, good flexibility ensure smooth packing and transportation.


No matter what kind of items you are wrapping, our polyester PET strapping can do the job for you quickly and flawlessly, saving you most of the time in your work.

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Working principle

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Customer Reviews

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 Nice heavy PET strapping

Not the biggest roll but it seems like good quality strapping and 1000ft is still a good amount for occasionally needing to strap a pallet down. One note of caution is to be careful taking the roll out of the dispensing box as the outer layers may start to fall off the core-I had to re-wind about 75ft when it happened to me.

 Strong, high quality strapping band.

I needed to ship some tires and it is much cheaper to ship two strapped together than two individually.

I already had both metal and plastic buckles, so I was ready to ship as soon as this arrived.

Initially I wasn't thrilled with the green color, but the contrast made it much easier to see where I had already bound the tries.

This strapping tape is extremely strong...you don't have to worry about it tearing or breaking as long as you are within the stated limits. It was easy to work with.

This is a great packing strap tape, I would absolutely order it again when I run out.

Excellent value, fast shipping, reasonable price!

Needed a lager roll, can't afford to buy 200 ft, when the purchase of three or four 200' rolls covers the cost for for several thousand feet! No trainer! Thank you for keeping it real, on the real! lol

Banding material

We love this material. Much easier than metal banding, and safer too

Very strong!

Although I had to buy some special tools to use this banding I'm glad I did. I use this PET Strap for making firewood bundles which we sell out of a stand in our front yard we've tried several options to achieve a good sturdy bundle but this is the most secure and cost effective by far.

Worked great.

Packing boxes for a recent move. So instead of simply taping the boxes, we strapped them also. Worked amazing.

 Good- very strong strapping band in a giant roll. With the extra tools (not incl).,-this has a many uses.

Luckily, I have the tools needed to use this strapping product, along with other comparable rolls of strapping. This PET strapping seems to be very strong and of commercial grade quality that I will use to secure large mineral samples onto pallets for truck shipping and delivery. Just keep this off of sharp edges that with any movement can cut through this and any strapping- of this type. Very strong and easy to tighten with a ratchet tensioner and lock it down with squeeze on buckles. Another huge roll of a good quality strapping that I will use- with safety and security of shipping- in mind. Great find!


1.What is a pet strapping?

Pet straps, also known as polyester straps, are durable, high-tension straps made from polyester (PET) material. It is usually used for packaging and securing shipments.

2. Can the Polyester (PET) band be adjusted?

 Yes, pet leashes can be adjusted to fit a variety of pack sizes. They can be cut to desired lengths, enabling them to meet different packaging requirements.

3. Are pet strap band resistant to chemicals?

 Pet straps are resistant to most chemicals commonly found in packaging and shipping. They will not corrode or deteriorate when exposed to oil, grease, solvents or other chemicals.

4. Will the pet straps cause damage to the packaged goods?

 When used correctly, pet leashes will not cause damage to packaged goods. However, it is critical to use straps with proper tension to avoid excessive pressure that compromises the integrity of the package.

5. How easy is it to attach the pet strapping to the cargo?

 Attaching a pet strapping is relatively easy. They can be tightened using hand tensioning tools or automatic strapping machines to ensure a firm and tight clamp around packaged goods.

6. How strong is the pet strapping?

Pet strapping are known for their superior strength. They have high tensile strength, often comparable to steel straps, and are great for securing heavy loads.

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