Machine & Hand Packing Plastic LLdpe Pallet Wrap Film Roll

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Professional certified facility, can make the custom sizes and colors stretch wrapping film for your choices, hand or machine packing wrap available.

More sizes Choices, Multifunction Application: We offer many sizes strech film and also can be customized sizes and colors, this strech wrap have a wide application, can be used for moving, packing, logistics and protecting any of your items,.

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Best Stretch Ability: Our wrap film extra thick and tough​, more stretch, more activated adhesive.Superior stretch, most durable packaging strech film, excellent elasticity, easy to unwrap, Self Adhering Shrink Wrap Film.

Industrial Stretch Wrap: This strech film made from highly stretchable polyethylene LLdpe, puncture resistant plastic to wrap and hold items securely.

High quality materials make good films: Use top quality first rate materials only, not the recycled weaker materials. Our strech film is clear good transparent, stronger stretching force, toughness, puncture resistance, and high resilience.

Save more time and money: Great universal use, with the stretch wrap film, can wrap almost anything easy, no need for tapes,ropes or straps. This stretch wrap film is safe and cheap to use in packing, more economical and easier to use than other materials.

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The stretch film is widley use for packing, moving, warehouse, logistics and so on. It is economic, save your time and let the job easy. 

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What is stretch film used for?

Stretch film also call stretch wrap, enabling the film to extend its length by up to 300~500% about, made from polyethylene LLdpe normally, it is a thin, stretchable plastic film, that is used to lock and secure cased goods onto a pallet. As the stretch film is tension is applied wrapped around on the pallet.

Any difference is between stretch film and shrink film?

Stretch film wrap is a stretchable plastic that is wrapped tightly around on the boxeas and products, so that the stretch wrap keeps the load together. But the shrink wrap film is loosely applied to a product or box, need be heat shrinked to make sure cover the product.

How to work the stretch film?

Stretch film or stretch wrap is a highly stretchable polyethylene LLdpe plastic film, that can be wrapped around on the items and keeps the items tightly bound.

How do we make the stretch film?

Stretch film is made by blown extrusion. The thermoplastic raw material is melted, emerges through a circular die, and a large bubble of air is blown inside. The volume of the bubble and the thickness of the extruded tube determine the thickness of the material.

What do you use to wrap when moving?

Stretch wrap can help you pack and bundle all kinds of awkward items for moving. keep smaller moving boxes stacked together; keep furniture parts together,stack small items... The stretch film let you move the items easy. 

How to choose the right stretch film?

It is depend on your job and how to use the stretch wrap. 

Normally hand-wrapping film rolls are smaller and lighter, because they are wrapped around a pallet by hand. So try to choice and avoid not too big and heavy stretch film roll, so will be easy to pack by hand.

But if have large number of pallets or heavy products need to be wrapped pack, then we suggest  the machine wrap film, it will be wrapped around the pallet by machine. There is a great variety in machines brands and types.

In addition, stretch films are available in different thickness and width. The extend length up to 300~500%. 

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Customer Reviews

The stretch film is widley use for packing, moving, warehouse, logistics and so on. It is economic, save your time and let the job easy. 


Customer Reviews


Good product for our warehouse

We order the stretch film wrap at least twice a month. We use this product rather than local supply company who charges more. I am leery about auto order.

Marianna Barbarash

Great product, it made my move so much easier!

Amazing product! Thick, high-quality moving wrapping Stretch Film, My family advised I get this to make the move easier. The movers gave me a discount since everything was ready to go when they arrived! Held up really well considering it's already getting cold outside and sooo much of the Stretch Film wrap was left over! Highly recommended, couldn't be more pleased!

Robert J.

Once you try it, you’ll find endless storage uses

Great price and very useful for wrapping items to move.. I am a strech wrap film addict now, almost as useful as zip ties in the grand scheme of things..

Arkadiy Tkach

I am really happy I took the chance

I am really happy I took the chance. This strech film is nice and durable, much longer than the other rolls I've previously purchased. It performed flawlessly to help me secure all my furniture. Highly recommended product! A+


As described.

Strech Film in general is amenable to deceptive advertising throughout the Internet. This product from this vendor appears to be honest depiction of what you're getting. Best way to figure out that you're NOT being cheated is weight. I weighed the product and it was accurate. The two blue spinners are an added bonus. I recommend this product to the consumers out there.

Melissa Pierson

Just perfect

Nothing to say: This is a strong stretch wrap strech film, easy to use, nice and clear.

We loved it. Made our lives easy and worked perfectly well. Would recommend !

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