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[High-Quality Printing]: Our thermal label paper produces clear and crisp printing, making it easy to read and scan.

[Eco-Friendly and Safe]: This thermal label paper is BPA and BPS-free, making it environmentally friendly and non-polluting. It can be used by anyone without any health concerns.

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[Strong Adhesive]: Our labels have a strong self-adhesive that ensures they stay in place, even in harsh environments.

[ Convenient and Cost-Effective ] print with direct thermal printing technology to make shipping out packages a breeze - no ink or toner required.

[ Strong Compatibility ]: The printer labels are perfectly compatible with MUNBYN, JADENS, Rollo, iDPRT, BEEPRT, ASprink, Nelko, Phomemo, POLONO, LabelRange, OFFNOVA, JOISE, beeprt, PRT, Jiose, Itari, K Comer, and other direct thermal printers. (NOT Compatible With DYMO and Brother).

Product Name Thermal Label
Sizes 4"x6", 4"x4", 4"x2", 2"x1"60mmx40mm, 50mmx25mm...etc
Premium Quality Water Proof,Oil Proof,Scratch Proof,Strong Adhesive and dark printing image
Colour White/Yellow/Blue…
Release paper/Liner 60gsm glassine paper
Adhesive feature Strong initial adhesive and long time storage life ≥3years
Service Temp -40℃~+80℃


The direct thermal labels clear and crisp printing, easy to read and scan.


BPA and BPS-free thermal label paper, environmentally Eco-friendly , and health concerns.

strong self-adhesive, Easy to peel off



1.waterproof: Soak the label in water without blurring the printing.

2.oil-proof : Soak the label in oil without blurring the printing.

3.alcohol-proof : Soak the label in alcohol without blurring the printing.




1. What is thermal label?

 Thermal labels are a type of label material that do not require ink or ribbon for printing. These labels are chemically treated to react with heat and produce an image when heated.

2. Can thermal shipping labels be used for international shipments?

 Yes, thermal shipping labels are available for international shipments. They can be customized to include all necessary information such as shipping address, barcode, tracking number and customs declaration. Thermal labels ensure clear and easy-to-read information throughout shipping.

3. Are thermal labels environmentally friendly?

 Thermal labels are considered more environmentally friendly than other types of labels because they do not require ink or toner cartridges for printing. However, their limited lifespan and sensitivity to environmental factors should be considered when assessing their overall impact.

4. What sizes are thermal labels available in?

 Thermal labels are available in a variety of sizes to meet different labeling needs. Common sizes include 2" x 1", 4" x 6", 3" x 1" and 2.25" x 1.25". Custom sizes can also be produced upon specific request.

5. Can thermal shipping labels be used with any printer?

 Thermal shipping labels are designed for use with thermal printers. These printers have built-in thermal printheads and require a specially designed roll of thermal labels to function properly. They cannot be used with regular inkjet or laser printers.

Customer Reviews

 Great Off-Brand Shipping Labels

These work great in my rollo printer.

I ALWAYS had issues with the other brand I used to use.

The backing of the labels have line like barcodes that I think help the printer “know” that the labels are in and running through the feeder.

Im on my 1st roll and so far have no issues

Great little labels for cheap customized stickers!

The size is nice for small stickers, I use then to print "thank you" stickers, some with my logo, some with thank you and my logo, or with notes depending on my needs, I feel they are great for a small business, because the color makes them look like stickers and not labels.

Good quality - Easy to use

I recently purchased this set of commercial grade thermal labels for my business and I am extremely pleased with it. The adhesive backing is strong and seems to hold securely to any surface. The printing quality is good and the labels are easy to apply. I also appreciate the fact that there are no smudges or smears left behind when printing. Additionally, the labels are pretty easy to customize with logos, text, and other graphics, making them perfect for branding purposes. Overall, I am very satisfied with these thermal labels and highly recommend them.

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