Thermal Label Sticker Roll Barcode Address Labels for Shipping and Postage

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【Good Quality】thermal label paper using 3-Defense coating with waterproof,Oil-proof and Resists Scratches,to ensure print crystal clear images and not damaged during use

【Environmentally Friendly】The sticker paper is BPA & BPS Free, giving you one less thing to worry about. POLONO strives to provide satisfying products to meet your printing needs. No Ink Toner or Ribbons Needed!

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[ Ultra-Strong Adhesive ] Peel-and-stick extra-large labels with strong self-adhesive backing. They use premium-grade and powerful adhesive enabling each label to long-time stick to any packaging surface tightly.

[ Multi-platform Compatible ] Print shipping labels and internet postage labels for transportation platform and e-commerce platform.Such as FedEx,USPS,UPS,Shopify,Etsy,Amazon,eBay,PayPal,Poshmark,Depop,Mercari et.

Item Direct thermal label roll
Face Material Thermal paper
Glue Holt melt adhesive/permanent/ Water based, etc
Liner Paper White/yellow/blue glassine paper or others
Feature Waterproof, Scratch proof, Oil proof
Core Size 3" (76mm) core, 40mm core, 1" core
Application Supermarket, logistics, commodity, etc


direct thermal labels wth perforation for easy to peel.

The design of the built-in perforation line makes it easier to separate the label from the label, avoiding waste caused by accidentally tearing the label. These so print very well. The roll of labels has the indexing holes in it.


Waterproof & Oil Proof Labels Prevent Information Fading

Complete any job with a waterproof label that's resistant to smudging, tears, and light scuffing.

Smooth surface, scratch-proof, no paper jam

Our 4x6 Direct Thermal label is made of premium quality paper raw material of named brand, waterproof, scratch proof, BPA free, no jams. Super smooth quality of paper used here, the end of roll labels are nicely rolled and do not jam when using the very last label on the roll.


Easy to Stick

The shipping label with strong adhesive for easily stick to plastic, paper, and smooth card board, package box, saving moneny buying tape. The 4x6 adhesive labels stick to the boxes very well and don't peel up at all.




1. What is thermal label?

 Thermal labels are a type of label material that do not require ink or ribbon for printing. These labels are chemically treated to react with heat and produce an image when heated.

2. How do thermal shipping labels work?

 Thermal shipping labels use thermal printing technology. The label stock is coated with a thermal layer that reacts to the heat from the printer's thermal printhead. When heat is applied, it creates text, images or barcodes on the label, making it visible and permanent.

3. Are thermal labels compatible with all printers?

 Thermal labels are compatible with thermal printers, which are specifically designed to print by applying heat to the label. Before using these labels, make sure that the printer you are using supports direct thermal printing.

4. How to choose a suitable thermal shipping label?

 When selecting thermal shipping labels, consider the type and size of printer you have, label roll compatibility, the label size required for your application, and any specific requirements such as water resistance or label color. It's also important to make sure labels are compatible with your shipping software.

5. Can thermal labels be used in food packaging?

Thermal labels are suitable for short-term food packaging applications. However, direct contact with greasy or oily foods or prolonged exposure to heat or humidity may affect the print quality and legibility of labels.

Customer Reviews

These stick really well.

 I got these to cover up some information on some promotional materials in my sales job. They stick great.

They are thick enough to obscure and two are thick enough to make it so what’s underneath can’t be seen.

They are perforated between labels which is really nice.

Quality labels at a great price

I love the quantity of the labels- Fit perfect in the Zebra LP28844 label printer. It is so nice to not have to change the rolls so frequently.

Solid labels

These labels did the job - clear printing and strong adhesive! Will definitely be buying again.

fantastic stack of labels

These were the perfect quality of labels that I needed for my printer. It's always interesting getting a new printer and then trying to find the right labels that aren't the exact brand-name specified (because you don't want to spend brand-name prices), so you try a few to see which ones work. This one wasn't on a roll which I would have preferred, but these worked REALLY well, regardless, because they're sticky, reacted well with the heat/thermal qualities, and were a great price-point. I'd consider picking these up again if I don't find something else that comes on a roll.

exactly as described

these labels are the right size and work great with my munbyn thermal label printer. i think value for money is great.

Great value for money and perfect for small business looking to put price labels on shelves

I bought this product to put prices, product sizes, and barcode labels in a package store. The price point is excellent for 1000 labels and great quality. I strongly recommend it to businesses or personnel requiring labels. I have a thermal printer that requires 3" x 1" labels, and these labels are perfect in size. The adhesive is strong and provides a stronghold, and they are effortless to stick on metal or wood label tags. Also, I found that it leaves no residue if you need to peel it off in case you have to make corrections of any kind.

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