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[ BPA/BPS FREE ] BPA (Bisphenol A) is an industrial chemical. It can cause endocrine disorders and have certain effects on people’s health. MUNBYN Direct thermal paper has passed RoHs certification. It has been tested that the paper does not contain any carcinogens such as BPA or BPS.

[ Waterproof and Oil-proof ] Smudge-Free and Resists Scratches, Water, Dirt, Dust, and Grease. Blank 4×6 mailing label with the perforated line for easy peeling.

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[ Fade Resistant & Reliable ] The thermal labels are made of upgraded material that prints crystal clear images and easy-to-read barcodes. brighter than the leading brand and significant resistance to smudges and scratches.

[ Strong Compatibility ] The printer labels are perfectly compatible with MUNBYN, JADENS, Rollo, iDPRT, BEEPRT, ASprink, Nelko, Phomemo, POLONO, LabelRange, OFFNOVA, JOISE, beeprt, PRT, Jiose, Itari, K Comer, NefLaca and other direct thermal printers without the hassle of sheet waste, or jams.

[ Ultra-Strong Adhesive ] Peel-and-stick extra-large labels with strong self-adhesive backing. They use premium-grade and powerful adhesive that allows each label to stick tightly to any packaging surface for a long time.

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Item Direct Thermal Shipping Label
Sizes 4"x6", 4"x4", 4"x2", 2"x1"60mmx40mm, 50mmx25mm...etc (Any Custom Size Available)
Labels/Roll 250 Labels, 300 Labels, 350 Labels, 400 Labels, 500 Labels, 1000 Labels, 2000 Labels(Or As Your Request)
Paper Core 25mm, 40mm, 76mm
Material Thermal paper+Permanent glue+Glassine paper
Feature Water Proof, Oil Proof, Scratch Proof, Strong Adhesive
Release Paper Yellow/White/Blue (Or As Your Request)
Usage Shipping Labels, Custom Sticker, Price Tags


Compatible Labels are white. Print deeper, clearer barcode UPC labels that adhere permanently to virtually any surface. Easy to peel off the tape, fast and clear printing.

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Waterproof, oil-proof, alcohol-proof, not easy to dissolve the printed label code, friction-resistant, not easy to scratch the label paper, preventing the label from being easily damaged and unable to scan the code.

Multipe Uses, This direct thermal label paper can be used as a courier printout, and printing UPC barcodes on it will make it easier to count the quantity of goods and the quantity of storage.

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Compatible with All Kinds of Thermal Label Printer

Compatible with Thermal Label Printers: Rollo , MUNBYN , POLONO , IDPRT & most Desktop Thermal Printers.


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Customer Reviews

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1. What is thermal label?

 Thermal labels are a type of label material that do not require ink or ribbon for printing. These labels are chemically treated to react with heat and produce an image when heated.

2. How do thermal shipping labels work?

 Thermal shipping labels use thermal printing technology. The label stock is coated with a thermal layer that reacts to the heat from the printer's thermal printhead. When heat is applied, it creates text, images or barcodes on the label, making it visible and permanent.

3. Are thermal labels compatible with all printers?

 Thermal labels are compatible with thermal printers, which are specifically designed to print by applying heat to the label. Before using these labels, make sure that the printer you are using supports direct thermal printing.

4. How to choose a suitable thermal shipping label?

 When selecting thermal shipping labels, consider the type and size of printer you have, label roll compatibility, the label size required for your application, and any specific requirements such as water resistance or label color. It's also important to make sure labels are compatible with your shipping software.

5. Can thermal labels be used in food packaging?

Thermal labels are suitable for short-term food packaging applications. However, direct contact with greasy or oily foods or prolonged exposure to heat or humidity may affect the print quality and legibility of labels.

Customer Reviews

Perfect labels!

Everything was great! Just what I ordered and received it quickly. I decided to subscribe and save with this product. And they always deliver on time, every time. Highly recommend this seller.

I highly recommend

I recently purchased the 4 x 6 Direct Thermal Labels White Perforated Shipping Labels, 1000 Labels for my small business, and I must say, they exceeded my expectations. The labels are made with high-quality materials, and the perforations made it easy to separate them without any tearing or mess. They stick well on all surfaces and don't leave any residue when removed. The print quality is excellent, and the size is perfect for shipping labels. Overall, I highly recommend these labels to anyone looking for a reliable and cost-effective labeling solution for their business.

Solid labels

These labels did the job - clear printing and strong adhesive! Will definitely be buying again.

Excellente qualité

Ces étiquettes sont de très bonnes qualités.

Elles sont résistantes, la qualité d'impression est bien meilleur qu'avec d'autres étiquettes d'autres marques.

Elles collent super bien.

Great Off-Brand Shipping Labels

These work great in my rollo printer.

I ALWAYS had issues with the other brand I used to use.

The backing of the labels have line like barcodes that I think help the printer “know” that the labels are in and running through the feeder.

Im on my 1st roll and so far have no issues

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