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High Quality –  Thick packing tape bulk is perfect in thickness and toughness. It does not tear or split easily. Versatile, portable and affordable, it meets postal, courier and shipping regulations for transport and packaging.

Strong Adhesive – Our packing tape is very good in thickness and toughness, will not tear or split easily. The sturdy clear packing tape sticks very well and holds boxes together. Perfect for quickly packaging and sealing. The extra strength of the material prevents packaging tape damage during shipping.

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The UV-resistant adhesive - in our Long Lasting Storage Packaging Tape keeps boxes sealed in both hot and cold temperatures, whether they're fluctuating or constant. It offers a durable seal perfect for long-term storage.

Easy to Use- This transparent tape is suitable for all standard tape dispensers and tape guns. You also tear with your hand.

Versatile- Clear packaging tape is great for many settings, including home use (such as repairing furniture, reinforcing wires, and hanging posters), office use (such as attaching documents or labels, and sealing envelopes or packages), school use (such as repairing books or labeling notebooks), and industrial use (such as securing components, protecting surfaces, and packaging products).


Item   Carton Box Sealing Clear Packing Tape
Backing material BOPP film
Adhesive Type acrylic
Color clear, beige, cream white, tan, red, yellow, blue, green, black or customized printing etc.
Thickness 36-63 μm
Width 24mm, 36mm, 41mm, 42.5mm, 48mm, 50mm, 51mm, 52.5mm, 55mm, 57mm, 60mm etc.
Length As per customer’s requirements
Thickness of paper core 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 9.3mm or customized thickness
OEM supplied Logo design on paper core & cartons can be made to meet customer’s requirements.
BOPP Carton Sealing Tape is commonly used for general industrial, food, beverage, medical pharmaceutical, paper, print, electronics, supermarket and distribution centers; securing packages and sealing box;


High Sealing Degree Strong Firmness

The adhesives are acrylics and they are superior to hot melt in temperature range


High Transparency

Clear packing tape makes your boxes or labels look better.

Strong Toughness

Our thick tape is very good in thickness and toughness, will not tear or split easily.


Multiple Use

The tape could be used for shipping, packaging, box and carton sealing, removing clothing dust and pet hair.




Working principle



1. What is shipping tape?

 Shipping tape, also known as packing tape, is a type of tape specifically designed to hold packages and parcels in place during shipping. It is often used to seal boxes and prevent them from being opened or damaged during shipping.

2. Does the carton sealing tape leave residue on the cardboard?

 The residue left by carton sealing tape depends largely on the quality of the tape and how long it has been left on. In general, high-quality tapes designed for carton sealing will leave little or no residue when carefully removed. However, if the tape is left for a long time, especially under unfavorable conditions, it may leave some residue.

3. Can clear packing tape be recycled?

 Due to its adhesive properties, clear packing tape is generally not recyclable. It is recommended that cardboard boxes be removed before recycling to avoid contamination of the recycling stream. However, some manufacturers are now producing eco-friendly clear packing tapes that are compostable or recyclable.

4. How does the sealing tape work?

 Packaging tape works by sticking to surfaces and creating a strong seal. It usually has a strong adhesive backing that bonds to the material being sealed, ensuring that the package remains intact and protected during transport.

5. How should box tape be stored?

It is best to store box tape in a cool and dry area away from direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures and humidity can affect the quality and adhesion of the tape.

Customer Reviews

Excellent packaging tape!

I just now used this tape for shipping a package. The tape is very strong and adheres nicely. It’s smooth and quiet as you dispense it. Very comparable to the expensive tape that I have purchased in the past. I would buy this again.


This clear packing tape is amazing!! These are super strong and they work well. They seal very tightly and doesn’t come undone. They’re very thick. Is use this to pack my boxes, and what can I say it’s tape and it seals boxes. It’s very tough and sturdy and won’t tear. It can last very long. Overall I really like this product and I recommend it to anyone who else is interested in this product!!

Very strong adhesive tape

In general, I don't leave reviews of the products I purchase through internet. This time I decided to make an exception. Since price is the deciding factor for purchasing of packaging tape, I usually purchase it from Harbor Freight Tools. However, this time I ran out and I needed tape urgently. So I ordered the 6-pack of this heavy duty shipping tape. I am still on the first roll but the performance has been outstanding. The difference to the other brand is day and night. This tape is very strong, much thicker and it sticks to the cardboard surfaces without peeling off after a few minutes. Also, because it is thicker, there seems to be very minimal wrinkling, if any when applying, leaving packaged boxes much more professionally looking. I recommend this product without any hesitation!

High Quality Tape for a Great Price!

Not much else to say.... it's tape. It's nice tape... It does things you'd expect from tape, such as sealing boxes... Buy this tape. It's a good deal.

 Great tape and a great value!!!

This tape is amazing! Great value, and wonderful for having around if you are an online seller or just needing it for home use. We recently used this to move a friend and it was a lifesaver! We will definitely be a return customer! Highly recommend!!

Best packing tape

I ship over 50 packages per day. I’ve used every take I could find and this is my favorite. It’s thick and strong. It sticks to everything. The rolls are longer than many of the others so the price per foot is great.

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