Stretch Film Wrap Industrial Strength Moving Wrapping Pallet Shrink Plastic Roll

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HEAVY DUTY STRETCH WRAP – Get the strongest, premium 80 Gauge (20 Micron) shrink film. We reimagined the classic stretch wraps and refined superior, industrial strength and durable stretch film wrap. Every single roll has a superior load retaining force. Banding film with its thickness firmly secures products even under rugged transit conditions. Finally, you can wrap anything securely and fast!

INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH STRETCH FILM: Stretch film has industrial strength and durability, which can firmly secure heavyweight or oversized items while playing a protective role.

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VERSATILE SHRINK FILM: This plastic shrink wrap can be used for consumer and commercial purposes. Whether you are wrapping pallets for cargo or moving large furniture out of your apartment, this stretch film is ideal for moving, storage and protecting your household items. It will be faster and more economical, easy to use compared to other alternatives like strapping and taping etc.

STRETCH FILM: Whether you like to wrap furniture, boxes, objects featuring odd shapes or loads that are uneven and difficult to handle, this clear shrink film stretch packing wrap is a must have for you!

SELF–ADHERING: Our banding film clings to itself. This shrink wrap has a glossy and slippery outer surface, so no dust and dirt will cling on to it. This top notch stretch film pallet wrap clings to itself without leaving adhesives, assuring a 100% clean removal.


Product Name Pallet Shrink Stretch Film Wrap Roll
Tensile strength ≥38Mpa for 19 mic, ≥39Mpa for 25mic, ≥40Mpa for 35mic, ≥41Mpa for 50mic
Elongation at break ≥300%
Angle tear strength ≥120N/mm
Pendulum ability ≥0.15J for 19 mic, ≥0.46J for 25mic, ≥0.19J for 35mic, ≥0.21J for 50mic
Tackiness ≥3N/cm
Light Transmission ≥92% for 19 mic, ≥91% for 25mic, ≥90% for 35mic, ≥89% for 50mic
Raw Material PE,LLDPE
Color Clear,Blue,Black,Red,Yellow…

Custom sizes acceptable

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The clear cast construction makes this wrap ideal for use with RFID and other scanning technology, while ensuring quieter unwinding than with its blown counterpart.

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Our top-quality stretch film wrap is made of incomparably durable material, it features 80-gauge stretch thickness. This wrap firmly sticks to itself offering a better film cling, promising to last throughout all your packing, moving, shipping, traveling and storing.

Up to 500% Stretch Ability

Superior stretch, easy to unwrap, sticks to itself for a perfect seal. The more you stretch, the more adhesive is activated. Perfetct choice for packing.

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Great for Pallet Wrap

It is ideal for securing objects for moving, packaging and storage. Great for wrapping furniture, goods, pallet while moving. Our stretch film is clear, never cloudy from using recycled weaker materials.

Workshop Process

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1. What is stretch film?

 Stretch film, also known as stretch wrap, is a highly stretched plastic film that is often used to secure and protect items during shipping or storage. It's usually made of polyethylene or similar material, and can stretch in one or two directions.

2. What is the difference between blown stretch film and cast stretch film?

 Blown stretch film and cast stretch film are two common manufacturing processes for stretch packaging. Blown film is made by blowing heated resin into bubbles, while cast film is made by pouring liquid resin onto large polished rolls. Cast film tends to be clearer and quieter during application and has better optical properties, while blown film offers superior load retention and puncture resistance.

3. Can the stretch wrap protect against moisture and UV rays?

 Most stretch films have excellent moisture resistance to protect products from water damage during shipping or storage. However, not all stretch films are resistant to UV radiation. If your product will be exposed to sunlight or other sources of UV light, a UV resistant stretch film is recommended to prevent degradation.

4. How to measure and choose stretch film?

 The unit of measurement for stretch film is the gauge, which is the thickness of the film. The higher the gauge number, the thicker the film. The choice of stretch film depends on various factors such as load weight, size and desired level of protection. It is recommended to consult a stretch film specialist or supplier to select the appropriate film for a particular application.

5. How can stretch film help reduce product damage during shipping?

 Stretch film minimizes movement and shifting of items during shipping by securing the load tightly. This reduces the risk of product damage such as breakage, scratches or deformation. Proper packing of pallets or items increases stability, ensuring a higher chance of safe delivery.

Customer Reviews

Just as described

Good quality wrap. Durable and stretchy. I didn’t get 500% stretch but it is possible. The handles make it easy to wrap and the finger brakes are a nice added feature making it easier to stop when you get to where you want. 15 inches give you a good width to work with on almost any job.

17" x 2,000 feet Heavy Duty Industrial Strength Stretch Wrap

17" x 2,000 feet Heavy Duty Industrial Strength Stretch Wrap . LOTS of shrink wrap on this roll. Excellent for securing cushioning material in place on large, hard to pack items like furniture and appliances. Very strong wrap that holds everything in place well, sticks to itself yet is easy to remove when unpacking. Makes the tedious job of packing up a household just that much easier to do.

There is no right or wrong side to shrink wrap!

It doesn't matter which direction it unwinds. Also, really, you should be able to move your arms in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. You want it to unwind clockwise? Move your arm clockwise. You want it to unwind the other way, move your arm the other way. It doesn't matter because there's no adhesive. There's no wrong side. It sticks to itself! Seriously, y'all! You're dinging this company because you can't figure out shrink wrap? Do y'all got a problem Saran Wrapping your bowls, too? It's the same exact thing.

Also, I get that you might like a corn cob like handle on the thing. Me, I prefer the cardboard tube. Why? Because I can control how tight the wrap gets. I wrap most things tight, and with the separate handle you have to put a brake on the plastic itself with your fingers as you go to keep it tight. Loose wrap doesn't stick to itself. It you're not used to cardboard spinning in your hands, try work gloves. Use your brains, people, and stop complaining about things that aren't actual issues.

I had zero problems with this shrink wrap. A co-worker helped me pack my mom's house for a move, and this worked perfectly. If you don't know how to use shrink, go buy it somewhere else and complain about them.

Good gift wrapping

Very useful around the workshop and storage. Perfect for wrapping around cardboard Christmas decoration boxes that do eventually fall apart and for wrapping lumber. It's good wrap at a good price.

 Heavy duty stretch wrap for all your packing needs

This heavy duty stretch wrap has been an absolute game-changer for me. I run a small business, and I constantly need to ship out large and heavy items. I have tried various products, but none have been as efficient as this Stretch Film by us. It's made of a heavy-duty plastic material that provides excellent industrial strength and durability, ensuring my items stay protected from dust, tears, and scratches during transport.

What I love most about this product is the rolling handles that come with it. It has made packaging so much faster and more efficient, as I and my staff no longer need to struggle with tangled rolls or awkward packaging positions. Just insert the handles on both ends of the roll, then you can easily start packaging. It's amazing how much time and effort the rolling handles have saved me.

One of my main concerns with wrapping materials is the residue they leave behind. However, this Moving Wrapping Plastic Roll didn't disappoint, as it doesn't leave any residue at all. It sticks to itself, providing a perfect seal with fantastic stretch. Plus, it's not easily punctured or damaged, ensuring that my items remained safe and secure throughout the moving process.

Lastly, The price/performance ratio is also very high. With 2 rolls of stretch film and 2 handles included in every purchase. When you finish using the first roll of stretch film, just remove the handle and install it on the second roll, you can continue to enjoy the efficient packaging.Each roll measures 15 inches in width x 1000 feet in length, with a thickness of 60 gauge, which is more than enough for my daily use.

In summary, if you're in need of a reliable, heavy-duty stretch wrap, I highly recommend the Stretch Wrap Film with Rolling Handles. It has made my work so much easier and has exceeded my expectations in every way.

Excellent quality

Great product, it has a very good strength. Helped me wrap my furniture for moving to a new apartment easily and didn’t fail me.

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