Pack Stretch Wrap Film Roll Industrial Strength Shrink for Moving Storage Pallet Packing

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【MULTIPLE PURPOSE USES】 Stretch film is suitable for industrial and personal use. It can be used to pack cargo pallets for transportation, and can pack furniture for moving. It could protect the item from dirt, tears and scratches

【HEAVY DUTY STRETCH WRAP】Stretch film roll is made of 100% LLDPE high quality material. Plastic wrap for moving has industrial strength, toughness and puncture resistance, which can firmly hold boxes, heavy or oversized items, and provide you with excellent protection during transportation.

【EXTREMELY STRONG AND TEAR RESISTANT】 High performance 18 inch Stretch premium film with high puncture resistance that is tacky on both sides providing greater cling strength and pallet load stability.

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【24 MONTHS MONEY GUARANTEE】We are confidence that you will receive prefect product. BUY & TRY first. We know things always happen, If you don't like it, receive damage, and other quality related issue, please feel free to contact us for replacement or refund.

【QUALITY ASSURANCE】As a professional plastic wrap manufacturer, the durable plastic wrap for moving is a must-have for office and moving supplies. Whatever questions you have about these stretch films please contact us.


Wholesale pallet shrink wrap polyethylene transparent stretch film; Hand using and Machine using .



Hand using roll

Machine using roll













Tensile strength




Tear resistance




Elongation at break








Light transmittance








Inner core diameter




Custom sizes acceptable

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Machine Stretch Film:Machine stretch film is normally supplied in reel widths of 500mm and sold by the tonne. Film is available in thickness of between 15-25 microns depending on the application. Standard stock film is 500mm x 1310m x 25 microns. ·

Hand Wrap:Hand Wrap is normally supplied in reel widths of 500mm with thicknesses from 15mu up to 25mu depending on the application you need.

Our stretch wrap are usually available immediately from our extensive stock.As with all our Packaging products we welcome custom or bespoke orders for stretch wrap or pallet film – Simply tell us what you need and we will be happy to produce stretch film and pallet wrap to your exact specifications.



Our top-quality stretch film wrap is made of incomparably durable material, it features 80-gauge stretch thickness. This wrap firmly sticks to itself offering a better film cling, promising to last throughout all your packing, moving, shipping, traveling and storing.

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Made of heavy duty plastic with a high gauge for industrial strength and durability, this stretch film is ideal for wrapping items for cargo or moving.


Unlike tape and other wrapping materials, our stretch film leaves no underlying residue.

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Modern Innovations Stretch Wrap Film is ideal for moving and transporting goods. It is made of heavy duty plastic material for industrial strength and durability. Its thickness firmly secures heavyweight or large (over-sized) items, even under the most severe transit and weather conditions. Additionally, you'll benefit from using our stretch film by being sure that your items are packaged securely. This will ensure the safety of others, as well as the items being contained, while moving. The transparent, lightweight material is more cost-effective and user-friendly than other wrapping materials. Our easy-to-use stretch film roller handles make the packaging process even faster and more efficient.

Workshop Process

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1. What is pallet stretch film?

 Pallet stretch film, also known as stretch film or stretch film, is a plastic film used to hold and protect products on pallets during transportation and storage. It is usually applied by automated machines or manually using a hand-held dispenser.

2. Are there different types of stretch film?

 Yes, there are different types of stretch film for different applications. Some common types include cast stretch film, blown stretch film, pre-stretch film, colored film, UV resistant film, and machine stretch film. Each type has its own unique characteristics and advantages, and the choice depends on the specific requirements of the task.

3. Can the stretch film be waterproof or moisture-proof?

 Stretch film provides a degree of protection from water and moisture. However, it's not completely waterproof or moisture-resistant. If maximum moisture protection is required, additional waterproofing measures such as moisture barrier bags or desiccant packs may be required.

4. What safety precautions need to be considered when using stretch film?

 When working with stretch film, it is critical to follow safety precautions. Make sure employees handling stretch film are properly trained, as improper use can result in injury. Use appropriate protective equipment, such as gloves, and be aware of potential tripping hazards from film tails or excessive packaging.

5. How to find a suitable stretch film supplier?

 Finding the right stretch film supplier requires consideration of various factors such as product quality, reputation, customer reviews, price competitiveness, and customer service. Doing research, obtaining samples, and comparing different suppliers can help in selecting a reliable supplier that meets specific requirements.

Customer Reviews

Real shrink wrap!

If you are moving or you ship by pallets you need this wrap, It's 2000 ft and easy to roll and sticks to its self very well, keeps everything on the pallet. But there are a lot more uses for it even if you don't wrap pallets, That's why I keep a roll on hand. You can twist it to make it as strong as rope and is very affordable, and there's enough to cross a football field almost seven times.

Great pack of wrapping film!!

I was really surprised by how much was in the box!! Two really nice sturdy handles and 4 large rolls of wrap!! The handles are really nice and work well, when your ready to replace the roll, you just have to push the end pieces together to release the empty roll, then slide on a new one. Easy peasy.
The wrap is perfect for a variety of uses, just wrap your item, and don’t pull crazy hard. Hold is great. I use this for transporting carpeted mats, but will use it for a variety of other things as well. The 4 rolls will last a long time. This is a great product and a great value. Will definitely be purchasing again. Perfect!!!

 This Wrap is Strong – and it has SOOOO Many Helpful Uses

I’m a huge fan of stretch wrap, and have been using it for years both at work and home. It is especially helpful for storage, for garbage, and for moving. Whenever I need to “bundle” things – especially things that are hard to bundle, I always reach for this stretch warp. Think: garden stakes you put away for the winter, opened rolls of fencing or chicken wire, rolls of carpet, stacks of nursery pots, and on and on.

For garbage prep, this wrap is really helpful. When you have bulky/puffy items to discard (like old used pillows or bedding), you can use this wrap to help squeeze out the air and really shrink down the size of the garbage. Or if you have odd-shaped or sharp items that will just tear through garbage bags, this stretch wrap will help keep them together in your garbage can. Or when you need to recycle all those Amazon boxes, this wrap is great at tightly securing them together to limit the space they will take up in your recycle bin. (See photos for a couple of examples.)

But positively the BEST use for this wrap is when moving ANYTHING – from a one-off to a whole house. This wrap can be used to hold furniture drawers and doors in place, or to bundle table legs together, or to bundle shelf planks together, or to keep the bag of hardware strapped to the bottom of the furniture, or to securely hold moving blankets around delicate furniture, etc., etc. It can even be used to wrap furniture corners both to help protect them and to protect the walls around them.

And for moving boxes, this wrap is AWESOME! Whenever you have an overstuffed box that’s starting to burst, this wrap will save the day. For boxes with separate lids (such as for paper records), this wrap will keep them securely closed. And probably the best feature: just a quick single loop of this warp around the perimeter of each box will allow you to better and more securely stack the boxes in your car, truck, or moving van – as the wrap around each box will securely hold onto the wrap of any other box above, below, or next to it. I’ve been able to securely stack boxes right to the top of any moving van, without fear of the boxes tumbling over during transit.

Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about how handy this stretch wrap is. I have smaller rolls too – and not a week goes by that I don’t grab one or the other sized roll for something! I put this particular wrap to the test… trying hard to poke my fingers of one hand through the wrap while I pulled on the ends of the wrap with my other hand (see photo). I could not break through the wrap. The strength of this wrap will not disappoint.

Commercial grade wrap

The package comes with rolling handles that make the process much easier. The shrink wrap rolls are high quality and generously sized, although I'm not sure about the "shrink" part as it doesn't seem to shrink under heat.
Nonetheless, this is a good product that can be used for a variety of purposes, including packing, moving, covering, and protecting. It may be helpful to have an extra set of hands to get started, as you'll need to anchor the plastic wrap to something before using the handles to pull and cover your items.

Stretch Wrap

We use stretch wrap for so many things around the shop. I usually get the single rolls from the big box store but decided to try these rolls this time. I prefer the plastic handles because they are much easier to handle and maneuver. These rolls have a cardboard handle which I wasn't sure would stand up to hard use. I was pleasantly surprised with these rolls. The are easy to use and are comparable in quality to the big box brands but at a lower price. The cardboard handle does work just fine. I gave these 5 Stars. At half the price I usually pay they perform just as good. I will be switching over to this kind from now on. No problems here. These are an affordable alternative to the name brand ones. Highly recommend.

Excellent quality

Great product, it has a very good strength. Helped me wrap my furniture for moving to a new apartment easily and didn’t fail me.

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