Stretch Wrap Film Pallet Shrink Wrapping Plastic Film Roll

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【Up to 500% Stretch Ability】Superior stretch, easy to unwrap, sticks to itself for a perfect seal. The more you stretch, the more adhesive is activated. It is enough to secure objects tightly for moving, packing, and storage. It can be used to distinguish goods in pallets and prevent confusion.

【Flexible&Easily Operate】The stretch wrap is easy to use and shrink wrap. Just insert the handles into each end of the plastic roll to start packing. Flexibly rotating handles can protect your hands and enhance packing efficiency.

【Self-Adhering】LLDPE stretch wrap clings stronger to itself. 80 gauge is thicker enough for packing. The shrink wrap has glossy and slippery outer surfaces onto which dust and dirt can`t cling. Banding film prevents sticking of pallets to each other. Simply it’s the economic and endurable stretch wrap roll for all weather conditions.

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【Widely Used】Suitable for both industrial and personal use, stretch film can be widely used. industrial stretch wrap can be used in numbers of places such as moving or storage of office supplies, express logistics, home packaging, pallet packing, including but not limited to wraps of containers, chemicals, ceramics, glass, hardware machinery and equipment, textiles, furniture wrapping, carpets, Christmas trees, mattresses, televisions, sofas, seats, travel luggage, picture frames, etc.


Production Name Stretch Wrap Film Roll
Raw Material PE,LLDPE
Color Clear,Blue,Black,Red,Yellow…
Thickness 10mic-50mic
Width 450mm/500mm(As request)
Length  200-999metres(As request)
Stretch 150%-500%
Usage Packaging film for moving, shipping, pallet wrapping…

Custom sizes acceptable



Waterproof and Moisture-proof

Our stretch film protects items from dirt, tears and scratches, and its smooth surface makes it impossible for dust and dirt to adhere to it.


High Toughness

Strong toughness, not easy to puncture and break during packing.

Perfect for Pallets

Protect your shipment while in transit with the high strength, tear resistant stretch wrap from Packaging Supplies By Mail.


Great for Moving

LLDPE stretch wrap provides protection from the elements, moisture and rough handling while moving. The wrap can help prevent scratches, dings and dents to your valuables.

Workshop Process



1. What are the benefits of using stretch film?

 Using stretch film offers several advantages, including protecting products from dust, dirt, moisture, and other environmental elements. It helps secure loads and keeps items from moving or falling apart. Stretch film also increases the stability of palletized loads, making them easier to handle, store and transport.

2. Can stretch wrap replace other types of pallet securing methods?

 Stretch wrap is often used as an effective alternative to other pallet securing methods such as strapping or shrink wrap. However, the choice of method depends on factors such as cargo type, shipping requirements and personal preference. Stretch wrap offers versatility and ease of use, making it a popular choice among shippers.

3. Can stretch film be used in cold storage environment?

 Yes, stretch film can be used in refrigerated environments. However, it is critical to choose a stretch film designed for low temperature applications. Even in sub-zero temperatures, the refrigerated stretch film maintains its flexibility and adhesive properties, ensuring proper tray protection.

4. Can I recycle pallet stretch film?

 In most cases, pallet stretch wrap is made from recycled materials such as polyethylene. However, whether it can be recycled depends on local recycling facilities and regulations. It is recommended to contact your waste management provider to determine if they accept stretch film for recycling.

5. How to dispose of the stretch film?

 Stretch film should be disposed of responsibly to minimize its impact on the environment. Depending on local regulations, stretch film can be recycled at designated facilities. If not recyclable, it should be disposed of in the trash or in a trash compactor. It is recommended to check local waste management guidelines for proper disposal.

Customer Reviews

Very helpful to wrap our furniture.

We love the material, it's very strong. Our furniture came back intact after moving from one state to other

Great when moving

When I was moving across several states I used this stuff for everything. It is a great way to hold together delicate things. I collect shells & I was able to use a small amount of paper around the shells then wrap all of them w/the wrap to hold it all together then hold in place w/in the box. It is also a great way to protect table legs on furniture for moving & protect plush furniture from getting stained. The movers laughed at first at my mummy furniture & then they also noticed they could keep a better grip on the furniture.

This stretch wrap is wonderful. This stuff quite literally has a thousan...

This Specialties stretch wrap is wonderful. This stuff quite literally has a thousand uses. If you were going to be moving it would be perfect to wrap around a chest of drawers, file cabinet or any other type of furniture with drawers in it to stop them from opening. If you wanted to protect something from coming apart or from getting scuffed and damaged while moving this stuff would be perfect. You can wrap moving blankets around your furniture then wrap this stretch wrap around the blankets so that they stay wrapped up. If you have any type of floor rugs that you want to keep rolled up this stuff would work perfectly. This stretch wrap is basically like a Swiss Army knife and you can use if for anything. This is wonderful stuff that you can have on the shelf for that day when you finally need it. Anytime I go to help a friend or family member move from now on I’m taking some of this with me. You no longer have to worry about getting sticky packing tape all over what ever you are trying to keep closed and making a mess of things. This stuff is very good at sticking to itself so all you have to do is wrap it around the item you are trying to protect and you are good to go.

Great for packaging and protecting valuables

I like having this in the garage for wrapping all sorts of items that need protection. From appliances to just about anything in boxes. This would also be great for shipping materials inside boxes for better protection. Pulls tight and will actually compress and squeeze the items you're wrapping. The handles make it much easier to wrap quickly and they have a built-in compressibility so you can adjust the tension and stretch.

What an amazing wrap to use besides, my plastic wrap I have in my kitchen

This is a great plastic wrap if you’re just wanting to use it for yourself other than that if you’re planning on hiring a moving company. You could just wait for them to show up since it cost so much money and have them wrap your things rather than you. When I called the moving company, they said they supply the blankets plastic wrap and anything else that’s needed for moving but they also said if your things are ready to go as soon as we get there, the faster the process can be since they do charge by the hour good luck

Nice clear stretch wrap to help with keeping things secure for moving.

Nice clear stretch wrap to help with keeping things secure for moving. This is a 4 pack, each 20 inches wide and 1000 ft long. Please note that handles are not included to help with rolling it. Hard to say how much furniture this will cover, because that will depend on how many wraps you do! But it definitely keeps drawers from popping out and helps to keep things secure. It can also keep dust off of items placed in storage units. Overall, it is a good product, just wish it had handles!

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