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* Multi use:Stretch Wrap,for mailing,packaging,moving,traveling,shipping ,Pattet,furniture , storing and other .
* Heavy Duty Stretch Warp:High quality stretch film wrap ,the stretch wrap to be incredibly flexible and resistant, to ensure that they still remain extremely durable
* Easy,flexible and resistant: Stretch wrap with a pair of handles,that makes bundling those packages easy and fun. Faster and more efficient than tape twine or straps,and it is not easy broke
* Up to 500% Stretch Ability — Stretch film clings to itself,superior stretch, easy to unwrap, sticks to itself for a perfect seal.


Whether you’re wrapping pallets for cargo or moving furniture out of your apartment, this stretch film comes in handy as its transparent, lightweight material is ideal for moving and transporting goods since its more cost-effective and user-friendly than other wrapping materials.

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Item name Pallet Wrapping Stretch Film Roll
Material LLDPE
Product specification Width: 50-1000mm; Length: 50-6000m
Thickness 6-70micron (40-180Gauge)
Color Clear or colors (blue; yellow, black, pink, red etc..)
Usage Packaging film for moving, shipping, pallet wrapping…
Packing In Carton or Pallet

Custom sizes acceptable

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Made of LLDPE Plastic

Made of clear cast LLDPE (Linear low-density polyethylene plastic) with superior strength, you can use minimal film to hold back heavy loads, thus reducing waste. It's a classic, no-frills choice for keeping product protected from the elements. This exceptional co-extruded film has cling on both sides and is three-layered to offer superior holding force. It also boasts high tensile strength, superior load holding force, and great tear resistance.

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Upto 500% Stretch

It offers up to 500% stretch and features an excellent inside cling and a reduced outside cling. Also, the 80 gauge film is ideal for loads up to 2200 lb.! Plus, it can be used in any high-speed automatic stretch wrapping equipment for excellent versatility, and unwinds quietly in any busy environment. It is great for all general-purpose applications, including stretch bundling and for use on pre-stretch equipment.

3" Diameter Core

Boasting a 3" diameter core, this film fits comfortably on most dispensers for quick and efficient use, time and time again. Plus, the 20" width allows you to easily maneuver around product.

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Perfect for safely collating, bundling and securing all types of items, whether you need to wrap furniture, boxes, suitcases, or any object featuring odd shapes or sharp corners. If you are transferring loads that are uneven and difficult to handle, this clear shrink film stretch packing wrap will protect all your merchandise.

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1. How does pallet stretch wrap work?

 Tray stretch wrap has an inherent elasticity that allows it to stretch and adhere tightly to both the product and the tray itself. This mechanism creates a stable unit, minimizing the risk of items tipping over and ensuring they stay securely in place.

2. Where can stretch film be used?

 Stretch film is versatile and can be used in various industries including logistics, manufacturing, retail and agriculture. It is commonly used for assembling and palletizing goods, bundling smaller items together, packing furniture or appliances, and securing boxes or cartons.

3. Can stretch film be recycled after use?

 While stretch film made from recycled materials can be recycled, it is important to ensure it is clean and free of contaminants. Contaminated stretch film may not be suitable for recycling and should be disposed of properly. Recycling facilities or waste management companies can provide guidance on proper recycling procedures.

4. What are the benefits of using pre-stretched stretch film?

 Pre-stretched stretch film is a film that has been stretched before being wound into a roll. It offers benefits such as reduced film usage, increased load stability, improved load control, and lighter rolls for easier handling. Pre-stretched film also minimizes worker stress during manual application.

Customer Reviews

Nice clear stretch wrap to help with keeping things secure for moving.

Nice clear stretch wrap to help with keeping things secure for moving. This is a 4 pack, each 20 inches wide and 1000 ft long. Please note that handles are not included to help with rolling it. Hard to say how much furniture this will cover, because that will depend on how many wraps you do! But it definitely keeps drawers from popping out and helps to keep things secure. It can also keep dust off of items placed in storage units. Overall, it is a good product, just wish it had handles!

Great product!

So, this is a great durable stretch wrapping plastic and you won't see thru the black once you roll it on whatever that may be.. basically, the product does what it says..

a must have for moving and/or storage

This wrap is so easy to use because of the double handles, making it easy to wrap items. The wrap can be used to protect furniture by securing moving blankets on furniture. Or wrapping around furniture with drawers to keep them from sliding out when moving. It is also good to wrap upholstered furniture to keep it clean and dry. Because the wrap is on a dispenser with two handles, it is easy to pull and wrap your items.

Great for Wrapping.

I'm going to start this review by saying that my job is literally to pack things up, put them on a truck, get to the set, unload the truck, unwrap everything and put it out. Then, we wrap everything back up, put it back on the truck, and then unload, and unwrap back at the shop. We go through shrink wrap at work like a bakery goes through flour.

People. There is no such thing as right-handed and left-handed wrapped shrink. Yes, they take 10 inches of thin plastic and wrap it around a 20 in cardboard tube, and then cut it in half, so some will be wrapped clockwise, and some will be wrapped counter-clockwise, but let me tell y'all this. Listening?

Wrap for moving with handles

I ordered this for moving. The length of the wrap is short so I would keep that in mind depending on what you are planning on wrapping. I would order it again. It works as described and has handles. It's heavy duty.

 I need these and I mean now!!

 I live in South Louisiana and am just about to begin repairs from hurricane Ida back in the end of 2021.

I am ,in the next month or two, going to have to move out of my house completely and into another home.

Then, 3 to 4 months later, move out of that home and back into my newly repaired home.

I haven’t moved in 17 years but I’m about to move twice in the next six months. The last time I did move I used the smaller green shrink wrap you see in my video that I purchased somewhere 20 years ago and it did quite a fine job.

I’m super excited about these new rolls containing 600 feet each!

Each roll can be used with one handle or two handles by one person or two. They’re well over a foot wide and will wrap things in a fraction of the time it would’ve taken with the smaller one. These couldn’t have been made available to me me at a better time. I truly need these now!

With the cost of movers and paying someone to move you, unfortunately, I’ve made the decision to do the majority of the moving myself.

To be honest with you, I don’t trust anybody else to move my stuff.

This shrink wrap makes it easy to keep things together and stop them from opening up during the move, storage and return. It also makes things waterproof , insect proof and it’s a deterrent against someone going through your boxed items.

It keeps stacks of boxes together.

This is enough to move a large family with a large house , twice, at least.

It’ll last me the rest of my life easily!

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