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[ Fade Resistant & Reliable ] The thermal labels are made of upgrade material that prints crystal clear images and easy-to-read barcodes. brighter than the leading brand and significant resistance to smudges and scratches.

[High-Quality Printing]: Our thermal label paper produces clear and crisp prints, with strong self-adhesive, waterproof, and oil-proof properties. It also has a writable surface, making it an excellent business and personal assistant.

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[Use Advantage Collection]: Thermal label paper with clear printing, strong self-adhesive, waterproof and oil-proof, Writable. Good assistant in your business & life.

[ BPA/BPS FREE ] BPA (Bisphenol A) and BPS are industrial chemicals. This paper has passed RoHs and other certifications. The paper doesn’t contain any carcinogens like BPA or BPS.

[ Ultra-Strong Adhesive ] Peel-and-stick extra-large labels with strong self-adhesive backing. They use premium-grade and powerful adhesive enabling each label to long-time stick to any packaging surface tightly.

Item Shipping Direct Thermal Label Sticker
Sizes 4"x6", 4"x4", 4"x2", 2"x1"60mmx40mm, 50mmx25mm...etc
Paper Core 25mm, 40mm, 76mm
Material Thermal paper+Permanent glue+Glassine paper
Feature Water Proof, Oil Proof, Scratch Proof, Strong Adhesive
Adhesive feature Strong initial adhesive and long time storage life ≥3years
Service Temp -40℃~+80℃
Usage Shipping Labels, Custom Sticker, Price Tags


Enhance your direct thermal label printing process, shop our extensive line of label sizes, materials and adhesives

100% Compatible with most direct thermal printers

Excellent color performance, clear printing of text, bar codes and two-dimensional codes, and high recognition rate of horizontal bar code printing



Uses direct thermal labels are perfect for temporary solutions, such as parcel delivery label, cross transfer label, retail shelf label, warehouse management label, self-weighing labels, address label; Weighing labels for groceries, cooked food, bread, hot food labels, deli labels, bakery, coupon, receipt; Product tags, production tags, name tags, industrial tags, visitor identification, visitor passes, event tickets, RFID tags etc.

Applications: Shipping Address/Mailing Address for USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Amazon, eBay etc

Direct thermal labels wth perforation for easy to peel.

The design of the built-in perforation line makes it easier to separate the label from the label, avoiding waste caused by accidentally tearing the label. These so print very well. The roll of labels has the indexing holes in it.


Resistance to smudges and scratches

Excellent waterproof, oil-proof, solvent-proof and plastic-proof performance

Strong permanent adhesive

Perforated for easy tearing

Competitive quality manufacturing

FSC RoHS approved paper, BPA BPS free

 label paper can print supermarket UPC barcodes, making it easier to scan the code for storage and sales. It can remind people of the types of seasonings on seasoning labels. It is easier to use in a variety of ways.

DDDermal Labels (11)

Three-proof test

High Quality Labels- waterproof, oil-proof, resists scratches / dirt / dust / grease. Great for your warehouse and packages. Commercial Grade Labels- Peel & stick extra-large labels with strong self-adhesive backing. We use premium-grade and powerful adhesive enabling each label to long-time stick to any packaging surface tightly. Strong Compatibility Labels- Compatible with MUNBYN, MFLABEL, Zebra, Rollo, Arkscan, BESTEASY, iDPRT, JADENS, Phomemo, Polono, Jiose, K Comer, LabelRange, OFFNOVA, HPRT, NefLaca and other direct thermal printers. (NOT Compatible With DYMO and Brother). Fade Resistant and Reliabel Labels- Labels are made of upgrade material that you can print crystal clear images and easy to scan and easily to peel off due to perforated line.

Face stock: Direct thermal paper is a kind of thermal coated paper material. It is characterized of high heat sensitivity and is quite suitable for low voltage print head which is well protected in this case. There are three layers for face stock:bottom:

Base, middle: thermal why we can see the graphic on the thermal paper when heated by printing.

Glue: Categories: Emulsion, hot melt glue, removable glue.

Backing paper: Categories: glassine release paper, white paper, yellow paper, transparent paper

Shelf life: Two years stored at temp of 24'C and humidity of 50%.



1998 Established Guangzhou Nansha YouJan Plastic Co., Ltd. Is a focus on plastic raw materials as the core of a production factory, the main production of winding film, packaging tape, sealing glue and other rich plastic products. With the transformation of the Offline - Online Internet era, Zhuoli O2O (online-to-offline) carries out brand marketing activities with its new business model. At present, Guangzhou headquarters as the center of nearly 500 team members have served Midea, GREE, Panasonic, TOYOTA and other global enterprises nearly a thousand, with advanced production equipment, good quality products and rich production experience, become a number of global 500 enterprises long-term strategic partner.


1. Can thermal labels be used to print variable information?

 Yes, thermal labels are commonly used to print variable information such as batch numbers, expiration dates, serial numbers, and other important product or inventory details. They provide reliable, efficient printing for applications requiring variable data.

2. Do thermal labels require special maintenance?

 Thermal labels do not require any special maintenance. However, proper storage is essential to ensure its longevity. They should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight or excessive heat.

3. Can thermal labels print barcodes?

 Yes, thermal labels are widely used to print barcodes. A thermally sensitive coating on the label reacts to heat from the printer, producing high-quality, durable barcode labels.

4. How are thermal labels different from thermal transfer labels?

 The main difference between thermal labels and thermal transfer labels is the printing process. Direct thermal labels use heat applied directly to the label, while thermal transfer labels require a ribbon to transfer the ink to the label. This difference affects the print quality, durability and life of the label.

5. Can thermal labels be used on curved surfaces?

 Thermal labels are usually designed for use on flat or slightly curved surfaces. They may not adhere properly to highly curved surfaces or irregularly shaped containers. Such applications may require appropriate testing or alternative labeling methods.

Customer Reviews

Excellente qualité

Ces étiquettes sont de très bonnes qualités.

Elles sont résistantes, la qualité d'impression est bien meilleur qu'avec d'autres étiquettes d'autres marques.

Elles collent super bien.

Good labels

I use these thermal labels to put names on items. They print nicely and are a great value

Direct Thermal Labels for Zebra Printer

I needed to buy labels for a barcode project so I searched for a roll that is compatible with a Zebra GX420d printer. I am very pleased with the quality of the labels, price, fast shipping and excellent packaging. I will definitely purchase these again when I run low on my current stock.

 perfect labels

the labels are perfect for whatever you need them for, the adhesion is unique to these types of labels and they are easy to stick. They even hold water or oil, plus the price is unique. I recommend them 100%

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