Plastic LLdpe pallet wrap film rolls suitable for both machine and hand packing

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As a professional certified facility, we have the ability to customize our film to meet your specific needs.

Choose from a variety of sizes and colors for our stretch wrapping film, available for both hand and machine packing. Our versatile film can be used for a multitude of functions, including but not limited to, moving, packing, logistics, and protection of your valuable items.

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Experience the best stretch ability with our wrap film, which boasts extra thickness and toughness. The more stretch, the more activated adhesive, resulting in superior stretch and the most durable packaging stretch film on the market. The excellent elasticity and ease of unwrapping make it a convenient option. Our self-adhering shrink wrap film is an innovative solution for all your packaging needs.

Our industrial stretch wrap is made from highly stretchable polyethylene LLdpe, ensuring a puncture-resistant hold of your items during transport and storage.

At our company, we believe that high-quality materials make the best films. That's why we use top-grade materials rather than recycled weaker ones. Our stretch film is clear and transparent, providing an unobstructed view of your items during packing. It also has a stronger stretching force, toughness, puncture resistance, and high resilience.

Save both time and money with our stretch wrap film, a great universal use product that can wrap almost anything without the need for tapes, ropes, or straps. It is a safe and affordable solution for all your packing needs, more economical and easier to use than other materials.

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The stretch film is widley use for packing, moving, warehouse, logistics and so on. It is economic, save your time and let the job easy. 

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How do we make the stretch film?

Stretch film is made by blown extrusion. The thermoplastic raw material is melted, emerges through a circular die, and a large bubble of air is blown inside. The volume of the bubble and the thickness of the extruded tube determine the thickness of the material.

What do you use to wrap when moving?

Stretch wrap can help you pack and bundle all kinds of awkward items for moving. keep smaller moving boxes stacked together; keep furniture parts together,stack small items... The stretch film let you move the items easy. 

How to choose the right stretch film?

Stretch film or stretch wrap is

It is depend on your job and how to use the stretch wrap.


Normally hand-wrapping film rolls are smaller and lighter, because they are wrapped around a pallet by hand. So try to choice and avoid not too big and heavy stretch film roll, so will be easy to pack by hand.


But if have large number of pallets or heavy products need to be wrapped pack, then we suggest  the machine wrap film, it will be wrapped around the pallet by machine. There is a great variety in machines brands and types.


In addition, stretch films are available in different thickness and width. The extend length up to 300~500%. 

a highly stretchable polyethylene LLdpe plastic film, that can be wrapped around on the items and keeps the items tightly bound.

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Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews


Best Strech Wrap Ever Used Plus Extra Handles

I am a moving company and use stretch wrap film, bubble wrap for my customer. I bought this stretch because the review. Many Amazon sellers are selling same item, but when you receive them, they are completely different story. Weight is incorrect, length is not 1500ft, or wide is not 18inch or 15inch.

However, this stretch wrap has none of those problems. Everything as describe and also came with handles to use.

I recommended this product and will purchase more in the future.

Luci Moholia

Good quality, fast delivery.

Will buy again as the foil is good quality and it fits the dispenser we have.

Delivery was fast.


Excellent Wrap and Size

I used this for a cross-country move and compared to pre-stretched wraps, I like that this wrap could offer a tight pull on corners of furniture. It never tore while going over furniture or boxes without intending to and left a protective layer on wood pieces with just two overlapped layers.

Melissa Pierson

Just perfect

Nothing to say: This is a strong stretch wrap strech film, easy to use, nice and clear.

We loved it. Made our lives easy and worked perfectly well. Would recommend !

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