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Stretch wrap, also known as pallet wrap or stretch film, is an LLDPE plastic film with high elastic recovery used to wrap and unitize pallets for load stability and protection. It can also be used to bundle smaller items tightly together. Unlike shrink film, stretch film does not require heat to fit tightly around an object. Instead, stretch film simply needs to be wrapped around the object either by hand or with a stretch wrap machine.

Whether you are using stretch film to secure loads or pallets for storage and/or shipment, to color code, or vented stretch film to allow items like produce and firewood to “breathe,” using the best stretch film product for your application can help you get your product to the destination intact. 

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Machine Wrap Film

Machine Wrap film has a precise consistency and stretch in order to provide the optimum load retention  for use with stretch wrap machines to process goods at high volumes. Machine film is available in various gauges, transparent and colors.

How to Choose the Right Stretch Wrap

Choosing the ideal stretch wrap will ensure safe load containment during storage and shipping. Consider the needs of your application, such as the number of pallets or products you wrap daily. A hand stretch wrap is suitable for wrapping less than 50 pallets per day, while a machine wrap provides consistency and high strength for larger volumes. The application and environment can also determine the ideal wrap, such as combustible products that require anti-static film or metals that require corrosion-resistant VCI film.

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Note that stretch wrap is different from shrink wrap. The two products are sometimes referred to interchangeably, but shrink wrap is a heat-activated wrap typically applied directly to a product.

Stretch wrap or stretch film, sometimes known as pallet wrap, is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items. The elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound. 

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What is the plastic wrap used on pallets?

Pallet wrap is a plastic film most commonly made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). The manufacturing process involves heating and compressing resin (the small pellets of plastic material) at the specific temperature according to the viscosity required.

Is pallet wrap strong?

Machine pallet wraps are usually much stronger and tear resistant so that any large or difficult items are protected in the best possible manner. By being applied by machine, it speeds up the process and allows for a more consistent and secure way of wrapping items and goods. This is great for high-volume wrapping

Is pallet wrap sticky?

This pallet stretch wrap can be easily applied by hand. Featuring a sticky inner layer, this eco friendly stretch wrap will adhere to products as you are wrapping pallets. Simply make sure you fasten it to the pallet first before your start covering your products.

What is the strongest pallet wrap?

Whatever heavy products you are looking to secure, reinforced titanium stretch film is ready for the job. Regardless of whether you are wrapping your loads by hand or using an automated stretch wrapping machine, reinforced titanium stretch film is available in both variations

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